How to Stage Your Bathroom for a Better Home Presentation?

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It is common for all homeowners to pay more attention to the main living areas than the bathrooms. However, let me tell you that this is a huge mistake. Tell me, would you choose a house that may have elegant and charming living areas but has a bathroom that looks like a dump? Not me!

Hence, to make sure that buyers don’t run away when they see your bathroom, this article focuses on some best home staging tips for your bathroom.

Cleanliness Is a Must

The last time I went to a friend’s house and the bathroom was so clean, I had no other choice but to hold my bladder. If you understand what I mean. So, if you want to make a good impression on your buyers, it is imperative for your bathroom to look sparkling clean.

Make Sure Your Bathroom Is Well-Maintained

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Did you know that bathrooms are usually among the most expensive rooms to remodel?

Let me tell you that when buyers come to view your bathroom, they expect the bathroom to be properly maintained and that no significant changes are required. For example, last year, during our home hunt, my husband and I came across a house where the fixtures and the whole bathroom needed a huge renovation. Needless to say that this highly discouraged us and despite the house being at an affordable price, we preferred to let it go.

Spruce up the Cabinets

Another requirement is to make sure that all the cabinets in the bathroom are not dirty or outdated. For instance, many cabinets will need a fresh coat of paint, some hardware will need to be updated and some countertops to be replaced. These changes will ensure you get better showings for your bathroom.

Freshen up Caulking and Remove Stains

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It is normal for a bathroom to have peeling caulk, hard water stains, and mildew as they have experienced a lot of wear and tear from the accumulation of water and humidity. It is essential that you remove the caulk and all the stains on the walls, tile, glass, and flooring with a good cleaning solution.

Adjust the Colour Palette

Guys, if you really want your bathroom to appeal to buyers, take my advice and get rid of any bright-coloured elements like multi-coloured tiles and other brightly coloured architectural elements. And then you need to mute your bathroom by repainting the cabinets with white paint or some other pleasant neutral paint. This small investment in paint can undoubtedly result in faster sales and more money.

Discard and Put Away All Personal Items

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When staging a bathroom, it must remove all the signs that someone else has been using it as it is usually considered personal and private space. Hence, make sure to remove your toiletries such as make-up, perfume, toothpaste, and toothbrushes, hanging robes, clothes and even dirty laundry.

For instance, do you know how many parents bring their kids along during the home hunting process? Plus, no kid, not even me at that age, can stay quiet during a private house viewing without messing around. So, obviously, you don’t want a kid to end up finding some of your “sex toys” hidden somewhere in the bathroom’s drawers.

Check the Lighting

Buyers can only be interested when the bathroom is bright and cheery. So, always make sure that your bathroom has sufficient light and if there are windows, open them up so as to let the natural light flow in. This element will help to make your bathroom feel both warm and inviting.

Add Some Inviting Touches

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When it comes to staging, everything revolves around the details and even small ones make a big difference. Below you will find some excellent ideas:

  • Add some crisp white towels as they are widely used in luxurious hotels. You can also roll some hand towels and place them in cute little baskets or display them on bamboo mats.
  • Some baskets can be filled with sea sponges, bath brushes or pretty soaps and set by the bathtub.
  • Fill some pretty apothecary jars with cotton balls and loofahs.
  • You can also use art, for example, hang a framed picture above the toilet or towel bar.
  • Mirrors are hanged where they can reflect light such as opposite a window with a great view.
  • You can also use objects from nature such as seashells, starfish and sea sponges.


Will you incorporate these tips for your home staging? Please share your comments!




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