Increase the Value of Your Home Staging with These Design Tips

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I still remember the day I decided to sell my house, because my husband got a job relocation. With memories and moving boxes loaded, all that was left was selling the house where I spent my first years as a new bride. This house held a lot of memories for my family and it pained knowing that the house will be sold, and our memories will be replaced by some other memory. Well, it was kind of happy for me when I got to know that the realtors are finding it difficult to sell it. That is when I got to know about home staging from another realtor. Home staging is an aspect of real estate that will increase the value of the house in order sell it.

If you do not know much about home staging, here are some tips that will help in understanding the topic.

Staging your home is a guaranteed way to raise the value of your listed property. In recent years, home staging has reached a new popularity and a great number of professionals in the real estate business have come to acknowledge its many benefits.


A great number of home sellers will attest to having sold their properties for more than they first thought they could. After staging their homes, the value of their houses went up. Even more, staged houses are actually sold faster, too – meaning less than two weeks. That is the goal of every home seller, right? After all, if your house stays unsold for too long, your buyers will likely think of your house as “cold” property and selling it would be a struggle.


That settles it, doesn’t it? Home staging can grant you a wealth of benefits and gives you a great advantage over your competitors.


To let you get on your way to staging your house, here are a few tips to help you get your motor running:


Emphasize your house’s key points. Highlight the areas that would leave that best impression and the highest impact for your buyers. Allow them to take in those key points and lose themselves in imagining what it would be like if they were the ones living in your house.


Make sure not to leave any mess or un-needed things for your potential buyers to see. Do not leave your personal items like photo frames, trophies, and memorabilia visible when they are inspecting your home. These items leave your mark on the house as the original home owner and will end up as a distraction for them. They should be able to see themselves living in your home so anything that could prevent them from doing so should be taken out.


The staging process requires you to slowly move out of your home. This could be an emotional period for you. If you find yourself facing this problem, stop for a short while or maybe slow down a bit. Take a breather. Then, you can reorganize if you need to. You need to make sure though that you keep things moving no matter how small. Bear in mind that you have a schedule and that it is important that you follow it.

Repainting can do wonders for your home. New paint will bring a fresh new look and raise your houses’ perceived value. Choose your colors carefully though. Stick to neutral colors because they have a wider appeal.

The staging processes is not very difficult and even you, a non-professional, can be able to learn and accomplish it. Knowing more about home staging and design can reap you many very desirable benefits. Use these few starting tips and learn a bit more to see if maybe you, too, have a future with in the home staging and real estate business. Get yourself a realtor that will add value to your home and get the best buyer to be wooed by it.


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