Simple Accessories To Add More Style To Your Home Staging

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When you are staging your home, the key is to display some aesthetically pleasing accessories. However, instead of luxurious or expensive items, we have gathered some easy-to-find accessories that can brighten your space and appeal to potential buyers.

Throw Pillow and Blankets

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What is an easy way to instantly improve a fading space and add color and texture at the same time? By adding throw pillow and blankets!

Nowadays, there are so many different accent pillows that you can choose from to create a focal point. By placing different colored or textured throw pillows on sofas and chairs, you can easily draw the potential buyer’s eyes to the room’s main aspects. Besides, rows of pillows can also be placed on beds to elevate bedrooms.

Furthermore, blankets can be used to spruce up a sofa or a chair. For example, a nice neutral woven styles one can instantly add a unique touch and revive a drab room.

And let me add that these are the perfect accessories that can help make a room look cozy and warm, making it easier for potential buyers to visualize themselves relaxing in that space.


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Honestly, if I ever see a house staged with Dan Brown’s or Stephen King’s books, I won’t hesitate to buy it. You might call it impulsive buying but I call it the dream house for bookworms like me.

A collection of books can add style and character to a home and draw interest to a space, whether it is a bookshelf, an end table or a coffee table. Moreover, books can be wonderful additions to vignettes. When it comes to home décor, a vignette refers to a small group of objects that can create an appealing focal point and “tell a story”. For instance, you can stack the books and place something on top such as a knick-knack or a vase of flowers. Isn’t this an affordable way to bring charm and character to a room?

Now, for the books, you can either use the ones you already have or if you don’t, you can easily find some inexpensive ones at thrift stores. I suggest you to use books with spines and colorful covers that will match your home décor.

And one tip: if you know your potential buyer is a family person who will bring along his or her children for the home viewing process, do yourself a favor and don’t go displaying books like “Fifty Shades of Grey”, “Bared to You”, “Rookie Move” or “Strip You Bare.”


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When it comes to home décor, I think candles are highly underrated. For example, do you know how many homeowners are not aware that candles can create the right ambiance in a house?

No matter where you place candles in a house, they will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Besides, they can also create a romantic and relaxing ethos, which might be perfect for newlywed couples who can imagine their happy married lives in the house.

However, candles do much than setting the right mood.

For one minute, imagine yourself as a buyer who is viewing a house but then you smell a bad odor. This odor distracts you and makes you question the maintenance of the house. Therefore, if you want your house to be free from any odors, you need to make use of scented candles that can give off that nice and heavenly smell.


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Fruit is a common staging item that works perfectly in kitchens and dining rooms. Fruits represent essential elements of color and freshness. For instance, you can choose big glass bowls or wide vases of fruit and fill them with any type of fruit. But we recommend you to choose fruits that tend to stay fresh for much longer periods of time such as green apples, lemons and oranges, compared to those that ripen quickly like bananas and pears.

Another idea to use fruits is by filling a pitcher with some fruits and then placing it on a tray with glasses. These fruit decorations are perfect for the summer as they will help them to feel more refreshed and relaxed.

Do you think these items can add more style to your home? Please share your comments!


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