Staging Tips for Long and Narrow Rooms

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Most home designers know that long and narrow rooms represent specific design challenges. So, what to do if you want to stage and style these rooms to impress potential buyers? The following tips should give you an idea on how to showcase the potential of such spaces.

#1. Create a Clear and Straight Walkway

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There should always be enough space to walk around, even in long and narrow rooms. If you don’t want a potential buyer to feel as if these rooms are cramped, it is important to create a clear straight or curving path.

According to Alessandra Wood, “Carving out a path to navigate through the space is an important part of making your room comfortable and livable.”

However, creating a walkway in a narrow room can be quite tricky. But if you know how to properly adjust the room furnishings, you will be able to create an intimate atmosphere.

For example, suppose you have a narrow living room and you want to create a straight walkway. What you can do is to arrange a seating vignette on one side of the long wall of your living room by placing a sofa up against one wall placing two armchairs facing the couch. As a result, out of the small seating area, you have created a clear path behind the chairs on the opposite wall of the space.

#2. Choose Slimline Pieces of Furniture

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Did you know that small and narrow pieces of furniture can make a space appear larger than it actually is? And of course, the opposite is also true, which means that any type of large and chunky furniture can make a room look congested and smaller.

#3. Separate the Zones

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Have you ever heard of multi-purpose rooms? Did you know that the objective of such rooms is to design a creative solution to the challenge of living in small spaces?

Another solution to make long and narrow rooms to appear more extensive and more versatile is by creating different zones. For example, the areas can simply be separated with a rug or by positioning pieces of furniture on the opposite sides of a room. In addition, you can go for the combination of living and dining room or study and lounge. In other words, let your imagination fly without any limits.

#4. Use Circular Pieces

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If you want potential buyers to be impressed even by narrow and long spaces of the house, then you need round rugs, coffee tables, ottomans and other circular furniture pieces. Why? The reason is simple and taps into human psychology and our perception of shapes. So, if you want to create an inviting and homely atmosphere even in your narrow and long rooms, you undoubtedly need some circular-shape

items as they are great choices in offsetting and contrasting the general rectangle-ness and edges in the room.

#5. Maximize Vertical Space

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Are you wondering whether there is another way to offset the long horizontal expanse? If yes, then what you can do is to make the eye travel upwards and this can be accomplished by decorating your walls with artwork.

Other ways to maximize vertical space include:

  • A tall armoire or bookshelf is perfect for breaking the monotony of a long horizontal space.
  • You can also place a tall palm or fig tree in the corner.
  • You can also choose to hang floor-to-ceiling drapery.
  • Moreover, you can also consider mirrors if you want to add more light and the illusion of space to a room.

So, will you try to maximize the potential of the long and narrow rooms of your house by following these tips? Please share your comments!


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