Staging Your Home With DIY Fruity Home Décor Crafts

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Staging Your Home With DIY Fruity Home Décor Crafts

We’ve all heard about DIY flower arrangements that can instantly brighten up homes, but have you ever heard of DIY fruit home décor crafts?

Fruit Welcome Mats

Fruit Welcome Mats

Materials You’ll Need:

  • A circle rug (I suggest buying it from Ikea)
  • Spray paint (Since watermelon is my favorite fruit, I opted for the colors red, yellow, green, white and black)
  • Sturdy scissors
  • Kraft paper
  • X-acto
  • A plastic sheet
  • Coins (to be used as weights)
  • A ruler
  • Sharpie

Instructions to make the Fruit Welcome Mats:

Step 1: You start by taking the rug your bought and folding it in half. Then, using the Sharpie, mark each of the folding side. It is important to ensure that the line goes well the grain of the rug.

Step 2: Then, using the ruler, create a line right down the middle.

Step 3: Now, using the sturdy scissors, cut down the center.

Note: If you marked and referenced properly with the grain, it will be a lot easier to cut.

Step 4: Now, using the sprays, paint the rug white as the base color.

Step 5: With the kraft paper, make sure to trace the outline of the rug properly and then cut it out. You will use this as your stencil.

Note: The steps below consist of how I created the watermelon rug. You can still follow and get an overview.

Step 6: To make the watermelon, cut two rings out right along the outer edge (trim about 1 inch for the outer part and ¾ inch for the inner part).

Step 7: The middle part of the watermelon should be covered and remember to let the inner ring on and use the coins as weights to hold it down.

Step 8: After you spray the outer part green, give it time to dry and then cover it with the ring.

Step 9: Once you’ve got the center covering off, spray it red. Keep up the same process. Try to spray thoroughly and then you may come back to it after 10-20 minutes.

Note: I don’t know why I did it but I left mine to dry overnight.

Step 10: Now, cover the middle part back up again and outline where you want the watermelon seeds. Then, using the X-acto, cut out the watermelon seeds.

Step 11: Replace the stencil and use the coins again as weights. Then, spray with black color and let it dry.


This fruit welcome mat is so cute that I will make it for my new house! But I wonder if you have any good suggestions for cleaning it? Or just replace it?” –From Koya

“Genius! And thank you for sharing! I bought a coir mat with wording I loved from Hobby Lobby, but less than a year later the letters were faded almost beyond recognition. So disappointing! Looking forward to trying your method instead.” – From Sarah

“I tried hand sewing once, and yes it is a very long time, but the results so far were not satisfying. I kept in mind that it’s completely normal to still get some little imperfections……it is a very long process. I even recommended my friends doing it by hand and flattening as you turn it to sew and not over tightening it as you sew either as it will make it bind if you pull too tightly. But, since it still didn’t result in what I wanted, I will try this method. It sounds far too easy, but well,who knows? Hope this will be if some help – Good luck!” – From Nia

“I tried following a recommendation and for that I cut up t-shirts, then braided them. My problem is when I sewed my braids together with a zig zag my rug is not staying flat.It’s like lumpy. I then unsewed it all. I really hope this method works. It’s my first time with fruit-themed decor stuff.” – From Amelia







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