The 4 Things Movers Won’t Move

Are you planning to move out soon, or are you in the process of doing so? This situation can be confusing as not all moving companies will tell what they can move and what they can’t. To avoid finding out that your mover cannot move some of your belongings on moving day, it is better to do your research and be prepared for what is to come. Moving companies are lifesavers as they carry everything you own, they can handle three flights of stairs, they don’t flinch at bad weather, and they will move you any distance. Well, there are things that they don’t do, and in this blog, we are going to talk about that!

Perishable food items – If you are moving soon, then the best advice is to finish all those leftovers that have been sitting there in your fridge for a long time! It is surprising to know that movers won’t be able to keep perishable food items cool during the move. So unless you are planning to pack everything into a large cooler and driving to your new home, then it is better that you ditch some items off your fridge and list. Perishable items, such as milk, butter, yogurts, ice cream, frozen treats, and fresh produce, should be consumed before the moving day. However, movers are willing to move your non-perishable food items along with other things. If you don’t know what to do with the leftovers, then research as there are NGOs that cater to providing unwanted food items to people who need them.

Hazardous materials – Considered as hazardous, paints, aerosol cans, paint thinner, batteries, fire extinguishers, and other such items are a ‘no-no’ on the list of most movers. Do ask your movers for a list of things that they can’t move. That list includes obvious things like propane tanks, gasoline tanks, and ammunition. It can also include car batteries, charcoal, darkroom chemicals, batteries, nail polish, scuba tanks, and liquid bleach. Always remember if there is something you can’t move, then dispose of it in your regular trash collection.

House plants – Did you know that some moving companies do not accept moving your house plants? Well, yes, there are! Some movers refuse to take the responsibility of your potted plants, especially if there is an interstate move involved. In addition, your plants are very sensitive to temperature and light changes. Placing them in a dark truck for a long time will typically cause them to die. Bring your favorite plants and flowers with you in the car. Be sure that all your house plants are legal in the state that you are moving to.

Pets – Even though your pets may be caged or extremely well-behaved, your movers will not move them. Moving trucks can get very hot or cold inside, depending on the weather. This atmosphere definitely wouldn’t suit your furry friends.


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