How to pack a chandelier for moving?

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Packing your expensive and valuable chandelier for a house move can be a real challenge. As an extremely fragile item, all the parts, and especially the light fixtures, need to be protected during the transit.

Step 1: Get a robust box

First of all, you will need to get a robust box, big enough to suit the chandelier. Reinforce its bottom with tape to prevent any possible breakage. The container ought to be many inches larger on either side in order to be able to place an oversize sheet of bubble wrap or foam padding to safeguard the chandelier. As an alternative, you’ll be able to place one or two pieces of furniture blankets (depending on their thickness) on the bottom and sides of the box.

Step 2: Protect the pieces

The reality is that packing a chandelier would require a lot of effort from you so that your chandelier survives the house move and stays intact. You will need to protect the pieces one by one otherwise they’re going to run into one another during transportation and can get scratches or even break. It is recommended to use soft packing paper and wrap every piece separately, then use a small quantity of packing tape to hold the paper tight.

Step 3: Place the chandelier in the box

Along with a helper, place the chandelier upright in your packing box – get it in slowly and cautiously. Once it’s inside, use packing peanuts or newspaper to fill in any empty areas so that the chandelier doesn’t in the box, else all your efforts will go to waste.

Step 4: Check if the chandelier is shifting inside the container

It’s time to check if you’ve managed to withhold your beautiful chandelier within the box. Carry the box and shake it lightly. Can you feel or hear something shifting inside the container? If you don’t, then it’s ok to proceed. However, if you do, then you’ll need to use a lot of padding materials to ensure that no part of the chandelier is moving. This is a vital step that you should not skip in your efforts to save time.

Step 5: Place a top cushion above the chandelier

Place one piece of furniture blanket (a regular blanket can also be used) to serve as a top cushion above the chandelier. With the use of large sheets of bubble wrap as a final layer of protection, you’ll be able to achieve the task of packing the chandelier for transportation.

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Step 6: Close the box and mark it

Close and seal the lids of the box with packing tape. Repeat the process with the other boxes in which you have packed bulbs and the remainder of the detached elements of the chandelier. For safety reasons, nothing ought to be shifting freely inside any of the packed boxes. Finally, use a permanent red marker to write EXTREMELY FRAGILE CHANDELIER and THIS SIDE UP on the various boxes.


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