How to Pack Pictures and Paintings when Moving

Framed artwork can really change the look of your home. But if the glass and frames chip and crack during the move, you won’t have much value for them! That’s why it is important to properly pack your pictures and paintings, and this post will help you show you how.

Picture Boxes
One of the easiest ways to prevent injuries to your pictures is by buying and using picture boxes. The boxes are typically made out of a stronger and thicker cardboard which will guarantee your works stay safe. They are also made up of four individual cardboard pieces that fit together and create an adjustable hard protection for the picture frames and the painting frames. U-Haul has a great selection available at affordable prices.

Remember that Safety Comes First
When you pack up your artworks, you are not trying to create a new work of art. The sole objective is to have your piece protected, which means: wrapping and maybe double wrapping with bubble wrap, using extra paper, and having chunky boxes.

No matter how well you wrap your work, if you place your box in a position that renders it vulnerable to falling – well it will fall, and that alone could damage your frame. Rather keep works on the ground level of your truck, secure it between solid objects, and if you’re the one behind the wheel – drive slow.


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