Roll or Fold?: Which Method Should You Use to Pack Your Clothes

The two most popular techniques used when packing clothes are either folding or rolling your clothes. And although both have numerous advantages, rolling seems to outshine folding in numerous aspects.

When it comes to space, if you can fit the clothes in by rolling them, you’ll be able to fit them in by folding them. There isn’t much difference between the two, and you could actually save more space by combining the two methods – rolled up t-shirts might save you some space, but rolled up jeans might take up more than expected.

This is where the rolling advantages really show, excuse the pun. When clothes are rolled you have clearer visibility of what exactly is in your bag, you don’t have to lift a set as often to see what is underneath.

Not only will your clothes look neater when rolled, but they’ll actually be neater! Rolling your clothes keeps them crease and wrinkle-free. Whenever you’re packing the last thing you want to do is unpack all your clothes and have to re-iron everything as well!

Rolling is one of the best methods you can opt for when packing your clothes, it is not only quick and easy but also helps keeps clothes neat and organized!


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