Rituals Around the World for Moving in a New House – Part 1

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When moving into a new house, the only tradition carried out by Europeans and North Americans is organizing a housewarming party. However, did you know that several other cultures perform certain specific rituals before moving into a new home?

Today, in this article, we bring you part 1 of this ongoing series to introduce you to some Chinese customs that are followed when moving into a new house.

Chinese Rituals

1. Leaving the Lights on for Three Consecutive Days

Chinese customs consist of leaving the lights of your new home on for three continuous days before moving in. This process is carried out to fill up your new house with the “yang” energy which is the positive energy and remove the “yin” energy which is the existing bad luck in the house. It will also bring good luck, fortune and prosperity into your new home.

However, if you refuse to waste three days of lighting, you can choose the cheaper alternative to turn on the light for only one day before moving in.

2. Rolling a Pineapple

No, you didn’t read that wrong! When you are stepping into a new house, you should literally roll a pineapple around your home. And, remember that rolling shouldn’t be done with the feet but with the hands! If you have bowling skills, it is time to put them into practice.

The explanation behind this Chinese tradition is the word “Hokkien” which means pineapple and at the same time refers to the term “welcoming prosperity.” When you are rolling the pineapple, particular auspicious phrases in Mandarin should be proclaimed. This ritual will bring an abundance of wealth, blessings and prosperity in your home.

3. Carrying Auspicious Things Inside

If you want more wealth in your new house, do not go empty-handed and bring auspicious things on the first day you move in. In Chinese culture, fruits are considered auspicious things that have different meanings. For example, peaches represent good health, while pomegranates represent opportunities and apples symbolise safety. It is also highly recommended that the family’s breadwinner be the one to carry the plate or basket of fruits and be the first person to enter the house.

Another auspicious alternative to fruits is the Feng Shui coins which attract wealth and prosperity.

Hence, it is important that you do not step into a new house with empty hands or doing unnecessary things such as playing a game on the phone.

4. Opening All Windows and Doors

After placing the fruits on the dining room table, open all the doors and windows of your house. Fresh air and natural sunlight will flow smoothly into the rooms, but this ritual’s primary purpose is to allow the “qi” which represents a vital energy flow in traditional Chinese culture, to flow throughout the house. It also allows the “yang” positive energy to flow in the house.

5. Turning on Stoves and Water Taps

The Chinese tradition consists of the continuous flow of energy in the atmosphere of a house. As a result, it is recommended to turn on all your taps, electric appliances and stoves for about three minutes. This ritual is performed to ensure that all your house sectors are properly activated and allow a continuous flow of positive energy.

6. Boiling Water

Another important ritual is to boil water once you have moved into your new house. This Chinese custom is followed as it brings warmth in your home and success in your career.

It is believed that if one fails to carry out this ritual at the appropriate time, the house will be filled with problems.

7. Distributing Your Wealth

If you already have your new furniture installed in your house, you can carry out this ritual. All you need to do is take some sweets and candies and place them on tables and desks. You should also fill red packets with non-folded notes of currency and place them in a safe and secure place where you store your money.

The purpose of this ritual? Once again, to accumulate your wealth!

What do you think of these 7 Chinese rituals? Please share your comments and don’t forget to come back for part 2 of this ongoing series!


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