Tips for Moving With Your Car

Tips for Moving With Your Car

You are going abroad soon and can’t bear the thought of parting with your car? Moving your car is a common practice. But before anything else, it is essential to find out about the prices and shipping methods to make this project as easy as possible.

How to transport your car when moving?

Whether you wish to transport your car abroad or repatriate it, the first thing to consider is the shipping method. As with any type of international move, there are four options, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Sea freight to transport a car

The first alternative you have is moving a car by sea. There are two different ways to transport a vehicle.

Car transport by container

As the name suggests, your vehicle will be loaded into a 20 or 40-foot container, depending on the size. Generally, a 20-foot container can hold one car; a 40-foot container can fit two cars.

The movers can build a mezzanine into your moving container to maximize storage space. All you have to do is ask! This way, you can put your personal belongings that you want to move in.

RORO car shipping

Roll On/Roll Off (RORO) represents a large part of car shipping. Although the name may be confusing, imagine a giant ship parking lot. All vehicles are parked there for the duration of the transport. This is the most common mode of boat transportation for car moving.

Advantages and disadvantages

✅ Economical and fast car transportation.

❌ Vehicles unlocked by carriers to load them on the boat, possible safety issue.

Transporting your car by truck

Tips for Moving With Your Car

For moving your car, you can also ship it by moving truck. The transport of your car by moving truck can be particularly interesting if you move to a neighboring country such as Switzerland or Spain.

Car transport on a flatbed truck

You can transport your car on a flatbed truck like a tow truck. These vans are usually equipped with a winch that gives more stability to your car but can also help to lift it. You can even ask movers to transport your car on a tarped flatbed truck for even more protection.

Transporting your car by groupage truck

Everyone likes to save money. Professional movers offer to move your vehicle in a truck similar to the one used to transport new cars. With this grouped car move, you will limit your transportation costs. However, delays may be longer.

For even cheaper vehicle transport, choose terminal-to-terminal transport if you can. Pick up your vehicle at the hub of all the transported cars. By avoiding door-to-door service, you can enjoy a cheaper move.

Advantages and disadvantages

✅ Easier car loading and unloading makes handling the vehicle easier.

❌ May be subject to the vagaries of traffic, weather, or even mechanical breakdowns.

Car transport by airplane

Transporting your car by air for a move is possible. You will be surprised to know that this practice is not only reserved for Formula 1 cars.

If you want to move a beautiful classic car or have time constraints, transporting your car by plane can be the solution, but at what price?

Transporting a vehicle by plane is done with the help of a cargo plane that you can even privatize. Your car will be placed in a specially designed container, strapped and secured for a safe trip.

Advantages and disadvantages

✅ Fastest way to transport a vehicle internationally.

❌ Extremely high transportation prices.

The cost of transporting a car during a move

Now let’s get down to business. An international move is not always cheap, so what about your car?

Price of transporting a car by boat

The price of shipping a car by sea is calculated in three distinct ways:

  • The cubic capacity;
  • The length of the vehicle or container;
  • Weight, especially if the cargo is heavy.

Here is a price range of the most popular routes for car shipping by boat:

Europe – North America € 2000 – €4000

Europe – South America €2500 – €9000

Rates for car transport by truck

Transportation rates for cars moving by road are based on the distance to be traveled, the volume or cubic capacity, and the tolls.

Whether you use an international mover or rent a truck, expect rates between €400 and €800, depending on your criteria.

Price of transporting a car by air

Many factors determine the cost of flying a car, known as the freight rate. Thus, the transportation of your car depends on the following: 

  • size and weight of your car;
  • departure and arrival airports;
  • type of aircraft required for the move.

We advise you to directly request a moving quote from professionals for the rates of transporting your car by plane.


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