What Nobody Tells You When You Are Moving Out of Your Parent’s Home

Adult Son Moving Out Of Parent’s Home

We have all been dreaming about the day when we will finally move out of our parent’s home and live an independent life. On some point of time, we have had beautiful images to be finally being able to live on our terms and conditions in our own little cozy home. However, there are some harsh truths which you need to know before you plan on making the best move. It is better to be mentally prepared than to be heavily disappointed later on. But hey, you are not alone guys. You are surely going to pass through that phase and learn to be more disciplined and responsible.

Here are a few stages that everyone has to go through when you step out of your comfortable safe haven :

1. You will feel lost most of the time

Well, you are not becoming crazy as it is completely normal to feel lost. Since at home, your mother did everything for you, you will feel clueless about how to go about your daily tasks. At first, you might not know how to make your bed, wash clothes, cook your food or anything else. However, you will feel like a proud and responsible adult every time that you manage to achieve the bare minimum.

2. You will become an expert at re-using clothes and food

From clothes to food, you will always be sniffing things to see if you can just use them for one more day. I am sure that your laundry will keep on pilling up and even though there is so much thing to do, the only thing you will want to do is to take a power nap.

3. Reality is going to hit you hard

Reality is so much different when you have to behave like a grown up. Moving out is finally going to make you realize that your comfort zone bubble has to burst. You would have numerous responsibilities on your shoulder and even bigger problems that you could even imagine.

4. You will become a better judge of human character

As you stay on your own, you will start realizing that not everyone who is sweet to you is your friend. This will, unfortunately, strike you after facing some backstabbing moments. But, hang in there, you will also come across some wonderful beings as well. You will eventually understand who you can trust and how much and this will be your moment of pride.

5. You will learn to the importance of saying “no”

We all have considered that helping someone is a way to build friendships. But with time, you are going to learn it the hard way that people start taking advantage of your helpful nature and that is when you learn to draw the line.

6. You will initially become a cry-baby

In the beginning, even the so called-toughest of you are going to cry. It comes naturally due to all the missing home, having no clue, feeling frustrated and defeated in general. You will start double guessing your decision of moving out but hang in there as it will get better.

7. You will begin to appreciate your parents and everything that they do for you

You are going to miss your parents all the time. There will be so many moments that you will need your mother’s hug or father’s assuring smile or advice. You will realize the number of sacrifices that they have made for you and how they were always standing there like a rock

8. You will get lost sometimes as it is a new city

It can be hard to keep a track of all the new lanes and by-lanes in the first weeks of moving to a new city. You are bound to end up places where you are not supposed to be. Initially, you are going to panic but it happens to most of us. In these cases, google maps will be your friend.

9. Your cooking might get better

If you ever feel that you can cook much better than your maid, you are most welcome to go ahead and give it a try. Well if you realize that you are not that good at cooking, instant noodles will become your best friend. However, after multiple trial and errors, you will surely manage to cook a decent meal.

10. You will miss your old friends when you need someone who understands

It will take you some time to make new friends when you are in a new place. Even though you know that your old buddies are only a phone call away, you will miss seeing them in person. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on when things are going tough and no one understands you better than your best friends.


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