10 Tips of How to Pack Moving Boxes For a Smooth Move When Hiring a Moving Company

Many people believe that a successful move is 100% determined by their moving company. Although your moving company does play a big role in the success of your moving day, the reality is that there are many little things that you have total control over to help make your moving day smooth and effective. One of these areas is packing your moving boxes properly.

The following 10 packing tips show you how to pack in order to protect your valuables and have a smooth moving day when hiring a moving company.

Tip 1: Close and tape all boxes shut before your movers arrive. Professional movers can not move open cartons. The reason for this is open boxes can not be stacked in the moving trucks and there is a higher risk of damage with items falling out of an open container. Any open box should be taped and sealed before the movers arrive.

Tip 2: Put any loose items that you want to be moved inside of moving boxes. Make sure that there are not any loose items lying on furniture or blocking the hallways. What may seem like only a few loose around on the floor or on furniture, can significantly reduce the speed in which your movers are able to operate.

Moving companies can not move loose items, unless they are inside of a moving carton. The reason is that loose items can not be stacked in a moving truck.

Tip 3: Use wardrobe boxes that your movers supply free of charge. Many local moving companies will provide these valuable tools free of charge for use the day of your move.

How this works is your movers will arrive to your home with empty wardrobe boxes. While your movers are loading the truck, you can start hanging your clothes up, and then once you are moved to your new home, we recommend that you immediately start moving your clothes out of the wardrobe box into your new closets so you can give the empty cartons back to the movers. This will save you a lot of time having our movers transport your clothes and it will also save you money from not needing to purchase more supplies.

Tip 4: Be completely packed in moving boxes and “ready” when the movers arrive. With most local moving companies, you are paying by the hour. Therefore, being ready for a move means you are completely packed, you have all of your boxes shut and sealed, you have removed loose items from the floor and on top of furniture and you are ready to start loading your clothes.

Tip 5: Fill your boxes up to the top. Boxes are much stronger when they are filled completely. Partially filled carton boxes can easily compress when other boxes are stacked on top, so it is better to completely fill your boxes to the top. Crumple up newspaper to fill in any blank spaces you have in the boxes. This will also save you money on boxes, as you are maximizing your box purchase if you fill each one completely.

Tip 6: Label all of your boxes with what room you want them to be moved into. If your movers know what room you want your boxes moved into, this will save you time and money. It takes a long time if you verbally have to tell the mover where each box should be placed. Instead, clearly and boldly label the room on the side of the box. Place is on the side so your movers will see your label even when the boxes are stacked. Also if it is fragile, state FRAGILE and include what is in the box.

Tip 7: Never pack heavy stuff and fragile stuff in the same box. Always remember, moving boxes may be turned upside down during the move. Heavy items on the bottom if turned upside down can crush light, fragile items packed on top.

Tip 8: Always us high quality ETC professional moving boxes. Many moving damages occur, from using grocery store boxes, or shipping boxes that are sold at many local stores. Professional moving cartons stack better, they do not compress and they protect a person’s belongings.

Tip 9: Use the correct size moving boxes for what you are packing. It is also very important to put the right items inside of the correct size of box. Generally heavier items should be placed in either the small 1.5 or the medium sized box 3.0. Very light items like pillows are the only items that should be placed in very large boxes. Boxes can become too heavy to transport, or they will not hold the weight of the material.

Tip 10: Remove all items from dressers and other furniture with drawers and pack them in your moving cartons. Many people think that movers can move their furniture while they still have belongings inside. The reality is that any professional moving company will want all belongings to be removed. Other then the fact that it gets too heavy to move, it is also not safe for your belongings inside. You will save time and money if you do this advance, versus having your movers have to ask you to remove all your items while they are waiting.


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