How to Move with Your Boxes

A good move starts with good packaging of your moving boxes. It is the guarantee of a successful move, so be careful of your moving boxes! This post provides tips on how to handle your moving boxes properly.

– In addition to the essential moving boxes, you will need bubble wrap, large adhesive tape, large markers, and labels.

– If possible, use new cardboard boxes, as they are more resistant.

– Feel free to consolidate your boxes by reinforcing the corners with adhesive tape.

– Remember to mark your boxes: indicate on them the contents and the room for which they are intended (a label or marker indication makes it easier to identify the contents during your move).

– Also, indicate the top and bottom on a card to avoid any broken parts.

– Fill the boxes fully to prevent any crushing due to space. Fill in the gaps with “chips,” newspapers, or waste paper.

– If possible, pack your belongings one by one to find your way through them, as this will be easier on the day you move in.

– Start packing your boxes in the less frequented rooms (attic, cellar, garage).

– It is also better to start by packing objects that are not useful in everyday life, such as trinkets, books, garden furniture, etc.

– Wrap fragile objects individually, in bubble wrap, or wrap them in blankets, sheets, or towels.

– Consider putting light stuff in large boxes and heavy stuff (books) in small ones: this makes it easier to transport and speeds up the movers’ work.

– The weight of the cardboard can also be balanced by placing heavy objects on the bottom and lighter objects on top.

– Also, bring one or two boxes to store envelopes containing screws and other furniture items that you have previously dismantled, as well as household and electrical appliance cables.

Where to Buy Your Moving Boxes?

If you move with a pro, he can offer you for sale:

– classic cardboard boxes;
– boxes in cardboard boxes;
– wardrobe boxes;
– reinforced crates for books;
– boxes with protective corners for dishes, frames…

If you move alone:

– You can buy moving kits in DIY stores, which include boxes, tape, etc.
– You can pick up empty boxes from certain stores on the day of delivery (supermarkets, etc.). And, remember to check the strength of the latter.
– It is also possible to obtain them from self-storage sites for a low price.

Hope this post helps you out on how to handle your moving boxes properly. You can further read an interesting post on Two Types of Cardboard to Store Clothes and Dishes When Moving. Remember to share your comments in the section below.


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