Feng Shui House Moving Tips – Part 2

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The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui can help to make moving a positive and harmonious experience.

In the first article, we have discovered how Feng Shui principles can help to get you a good start in your new home and today, we shall find more of these inspirational tips.

Fix Things Up

Suppose you move into a new home and some of the appliances are not working. You might wonder so what, it happens! According to Feng Shui’s principles, broken or damaged items in a house symbolise weak and negative energy or obstacles. They bring a sort of guilt as they tend to remind you of things that should be done. Therefore, when you move into a new home, always make sure that all the appliances and equipment are functioning correctly, and it is also essential that you repair those that are not working.

Take Auspicious Items With You

According to Feng Shui customs, one should always carry auspicious items when they first step into their new home. For instance, in order to bring wealth and prosperity int their new house, homeowners are recommended to bring Feng Shui coins, rice or fresh fruits. Did you know that fruits have a specific representation according to the Chinese customs? For example, peaches represent good health, while pomegranates represent opportunities and apples symbolise safety. 

The Right Position

One of the Feng Shui suggestion for house moving is to locate your new furniture based on the command position. Now, what is this new concept?

The command position, also known as the armchair position, is one of the best positioning concepts where you place a couch, desk, bed or any other item in such a way that you can see the door without being in a direct line with it. For example, when you place your bed diagonally from the door and on the opposite side of the room, then you can face the door with the wall behind your headboard. As a result, you are in the command position.

Here are some requirements for a space to be considered a good Feng Shui command position:

  • The spot should be farthest from the door
  • Not in direct line with the door
  • Excellent view of the door
  • Strong backing behind you

This positioning concept’s importance is that you become the commander of your own energy and can deal with whatever comes into your life. This position helps you be in command of your home and life and create a stress-free and peaceful life.

Prepare Your Home Before Stepping In

Before the D-Day, prepare your home so as when you arrive on the day of moving, everything will be ready. Below you will find a list of things that need to be accomplished:

  • Did you know that clothing is also an essential factor that can affect the moving process? On the official date of moving, make sure you are wearing vibrant-coloured clothing. In Feng Shui, it is believed that vibrant colours bring warmth, happiness and a positive energy into a house.
  • Next step is to buy a gift. Neither for you nor for your family. But for your house. I know it sounds weird but the reason behind is to bring joy into your new home. So, the gift may be a candle, work of art or furniture.

The Moving Ritual

Now, we are talking about the big day and there are many steps that you need to follow to ensure that all goes well on your moving day.

  • Make sure that members of the household do not fight with each other on a moving day. For example, despite how mischievous kids might be on that day, parents should not scold them. Why? If a person loses his or her temper, it might bring disharmony and negative energy into the new home.
  • Members of the household mustn’t step into the new home empty-handed. For instance, each person should hold something auspicious like some fresh fruits, a container full of rice or red pockets.
  • The last step is to switch on all light and appliances and then prepare a dessert. The dessert will bring positive energy and sweetness to your home.

Will you choose to follow these principles while moving into your new house? Please share your comments!


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