Feng Shui House Moving Tips

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Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese concept associated with harmonizing an individual’s house. Moving is a huge step for anyone as it means a new life, new neighbours and a fresh start. Therefore, you must proceed with caution. Today, we will provide you with some Feng Shui principles that will help you have a good start in your new home.

Choose an Auspicious Moving Date

It is essential to choose an auspicious date to move into your new house. For example, some of the luckiest days for moving are the San He Day, Horse Day and Ecliptic Day. However, it is recommended to consult and choose from the Chinese Almanac. But what is it?

The Chinese Almanac is like a divine guide based on the Chinese lunar calendar and it can determine your moving date by taking into account the birthdays of all your family members that will be relocating. However, it is important to know that the head of the family can greatly impact the Feng Shui moving date.

You can trust the Chinese Almanac as it carries out a perfect calculation of days and dates and hence it will help you select the best dates to move and avoid the inauspicious ones.

Clear the Old Space

One of Feng Shui’s fundamental principles is to leave old or negative energy behind you and start afresh. Remember that even if you are moving in a new house, it may have the lingering energy of the past homeowners and this energy may either be a stagnant or negative one, which can affect your life in the new home. As a result, Feng Shui recommends space clearing.

The space clearing process can be done either before you move in or even after. So how are you supposed to clean the space and get rid of old and negative energy? First, you start by getting rid of old brooms and mops that previous inhabitants have left behind. Then, you open all windows and doors for a minimum of nine minutes and once the nine minutes are over, use orange essential oil for some sort of space purification. For example, you can use an orange essential oil spray. You might ask yourself, why oranges? According to Feng Shui, oranges are considered as very auspicious fruits and their essential oils can transform negative energy into a positive one. Besides, the bright orange colour is a source of active yang energy that can bring happiness and liveliness in a home.

Introduce Yourself to Your New Home

Once you have cleared the space from the old energy, now it’s time to claim your house. One of the principles of Feng Shui states that everything around us is alive, including our house. So, it is essential to introduce yourself to your new home and be grateful for it. For a few moments, put your phone away and offer your humble gratitude. You might not say it in words but in your heart and this will definitely invite positive energy in your home.

Activate Your Entry

Did you know that in Feng Shui, the front door of your home is called the “mouth of qi?” This is because it is the place where energy, people and new opportunities come into your home and life. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your door is visible and has positive energy revolving around it.

Below you will find some ways to activate the Feng Shui of your front door:

  • Firstly, make sure that your door is always clean, and I am not talking only about the surface but also about the knobs, hinges and frames. A regular check is recommended to ensure that the knobs and hinges are functioning correctly.
  • Do you know that it is said that if a postman or visitor cannot find your house, then new opportunities won’t be able to find your house too? Therefore, Feng Shui advises you to remove any obstacles or clutter that obstruct the view or path to your front door.
  • As it is more convenient, we often use the back door or garage door. However, it is recommended to use the front door on a regular basis as this will activate the entrance and maintain a smooth energy flow.

Will you follow the above Feng Shui customs? Please share your comments!


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