How to Transport a Bed and Mattress?

Have you ever dreamed of a giant, extra-comfortable bed? I’m sure you have, especially after returning from your vacation in a nice hotel. But of course, dreams are one thing, and the reality of paying for and receiving that bed at home is another. But if you are thinking of making that dream come true or need to transport a bed, here, we will give you all the information you need to make your shipment safely and without complications.

How to Secure the Bed for Shipping?

Cover the mattress with a sheet and wrap it in plastic and tie or tape it securely. Consider using a sturdy tarp if you think the mattress will move around a lot during transport. This way, you will avoid holes or tears that ropes can cause.

Some Tips

Transporting the bed will vary slightly depending on the type of bed we have to move. If it is a platform bed or a bed with storage, make sure these spaces are empty and remove any loose drawers or other components.

Should We Disassemble It?

It is best to transport the bed and bed base separately. If you have saved the assembly instructions, you can follow them in reverse. Don’t have the instructions in your possession? Don’t worry. Once you have the bed at your destination, e.g., your new apartment, you will have to reassemble it. To avoid mistakes, take notes and draw a diagram to help you make the assembly a success.

How to Transport the Mattress and Box Spring?

You can carry them both on their sides. If your mattress does not have handles (which happens quite often), you can make them yourself by putting your imagination to work. Anyway, keep in mind that this is a task that must be done with two people, so do not hesitate to ask a friend for help. Wrap the mattress with a rope and tie a knot at each end. You can also use a sheet: spread it on the floor and support the long side of the mattress in the center and then tie both sides; this way, you can lift the mattress and transport it more comfortably.

For the mattress, you will need another pair of hands (or two!) to be able to move it up the stairs or down the aisles, in an upright position, with the longer side on the floor for easier maneuvering, especially when space is tight.

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Should the Mattress Be Folded?

No. Because you could end up with bent or damaged springs, which will hurt your back and make it difficult for you to rest. Can you hear your spine screaming No!

How Do We Transport a King-Size Bed?

First of all, how big is a king-size bed? The mattress will have dimensions of 2 × 1.90 m, quite bulky! So if you have to move it, help put it on its side and begin its transfer.

Can I Do It Myself, Ask a Friend for Help or Hire a Transport/ Bed Company?

Considering the large size of the beds and the transport, unless you have experience in this moving, we advise you to contact a transport or professional bed moving company and ask them to help you with their years of experience in the sector. You may be thinking that this will cost you a lot of money, but it doesn’t have to.

If you’re looking for a bed moving company with competitive prices, you can contact Murphy Beds & Storage Solutions in Saint Augustine, Florida. They allow easy transportation of beds with functional bed movers. They ship their products anywhere in the Continental USA and pride themselves on their quick delivery!


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