How to Pack Your Shoes When Moving?

Prior to moving, there are days when all you want is to throw everything in a box and close it and go as soon as possible. Well, we tend to get that when packing for shoes. It is important to know how to pack shoes correctly and it can help you from being frustrated of ending up with smashed, misshapen or even broke kicks. So instead of tossing them in a box, here are some ways where you can actually pack your shoes on your moving day.

  • Sort out your shoes. You don’t want to pack all your shoes at once and end up with a pile of unwanted shoes. So to avoid that, just sort out your shoes according to the ‘when’ and ‘why’ you need it. If you are moving out with your family, then tell them to do the same. Go through each pair and decide whether you wish to keep it or not. You can either chose to donate, sell or keep it. For all broken or worn out shoes, get a separate bag. If you have a collection of shoes that you’ve liked but then stopped, well, for that keep a separate bag or just sell them online. Do keep your winter shoe collection separate from your summer collection.
  • Select the pair of shoes you’ll be wearing on Moving day. Don’t forget to choose the pair of shoes that you will wear on the day of the move – after all, you don’t plan to pack up all the shoes you own and remain bare-footed during the most dangerous day of the house move.
  • Clean and dry out your shoes. Find time to clean the pairs of shoes you’ve decided to move to the new home. It’s not good for them to remain dirty during the move, and besides, when you do the cleaning bit before the move, you won’t need to have to deal with that after the move, so you’re not going to actually lose any time. Remove the dirt and dust with a soft damp cloth and be extra careful when cleaning the more expensive and delicate footwear you own.
  • Stuff crumpled paper into your shoes. Before you learn how to pack shoes properly, you’re going to have to stuff crumpled paper in them to get them to keep their shape during the move. You want to pack shoes without crushing them, so take one sheet of clean and soft packing paper, crumple it well into an oval shape and stuff it inside each shoe. When packing boots for moving, stuff them with paper all the way to the top. In any case, do NOT use newspapers for stuffing up your shoes because the ink may transfer into their material and ruin them.
  • Gather the shoe packing materials properly. Look for boxes of any size that will fit enough shoes. Don’t use plastic bags to pack your shoes as they will trap moisture and grow mold. Instead stick to soft packing paper and cardboard boxes.

So here it is, you know it now!


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