Getting Along With Your Movers

Moving is an extremely hectic and exhausting period. From arranging everything in labeled boxes to looking for a good moving company, you’re faced with various challenges on that day. A little support and a nice moving environment can definitely help you out during those situations. You might be thinking what you can do while your movers will be packing, transporting, delivering, and unpacking. But getting along with your helping hands on that day is greatly recommended. Here’s how to maintain a good relationship with them.


Be sure to start on time. If both parties agreed to start moving at 9 A.M, then 9. A.M is the time to start. If you will be unavailable during that time, make sure to assign someone else who will represent you and guide the movers.

Feel At Home

Treat your movers like homies! The secret to the best moving service is treating your movers with respect and making them feel comfortable. Greet them with a polite smile, introduce them to the family, show them around the house, make coffee for them, and so on. All these simple gestures can go a long way in building trust and a good moving environment on that day.

The Essentials

Make sure your movers have access to water, coffee, food, and a bathroom. If it’s too hot, hit the fan or air conditioner. They will be doing all the laborious work, so it’s normal for you to make their job as easy as possible. You may provide them with lunch as well.

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Communication is key! Even though you may have gone through all the details of the moving with your movers beforehand, make sure to go through it again on that day. This will ensure everyone is on the same page and each person know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

Tip Well

Most movers do not expect a tip. However, it’s always a good gesture to tip them for their hard work. This will show your appreciation and you might even need them in the future if you move again.


Feedback is always welcomed, as long as it helps progression. If your movers did a fantastic job, you may write to them to show how much you liked their work. You may make it more personal by adding individual names or what you liked in particular. This might boost their confidence and help them perform better.

Treat your movers well and your moving experience will be less tiring and hectic.


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