Top Factors to Consider When Moving

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Whether you want to move to Sin City or a small town, there are various factors that you have to consider before moving. It’s not just a case of pack and move!

In this list, we will look at some of the top factors to keep in mind when planning your move!

#1. Cost of Living

The first and most significant factor that you should always consider is your budget. The cost of groceries, the price of fuel and utility services such as water and electricity all contribute to the cost of living. However, different areas have different living expenses. For instance, according to studies, Paris and Hong Kong are two cities where the cost of living is really high compared to Windhoek in Namibia, the cheapest city to live in. Also, the rent in an urban location will be higher than in a rural area. Therefore, before moving to a new neighbourhood, it is important to calculate living costs and compare them with your current budget.

#2. Taxes

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Taxes also play a key role in helping us to choose a new neighbourhood. Why? Because sales taxes, income taxes and property taxes tend to act as a burden on our paycheck. However, each country’s tax system is different. For example, you will be surprised to learn that five states in US, namely, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon, do not collect sales tax. Additionally, countries like Monaco, Kuwait and Panama are considered “tax-haven” countries as they do not impose income taxes on individuals.

#3. Job Opportunities

When looking for a new place to settle, don’t forget to search for one with a healthy job market. Even if you already have a job, remember that nowadays most people don’t stay in one position for very long. So be sure to research a location where there are many employment opportunities related to your field of work. For instance, in Silicon Valley, job opportunities in the entertainment and tech industry are readily available while Florida is more based on the travel and leisure industry.

#4. Education System

If you plan to have kids or already have mischievous little devils, it is better to choose an area with an excellent educational system. You can make a list of academic criteria and then do your own research. For instance, nowadays, there are many school-rating websites where you can find educational institutions with the highest success ratings.

Furthermore, you can also contact the school’s principal and ask for some information or even a tour of the schools. But you will get more truthful information from other parents of the locality.

#5. Crime and Safety

No one wants to live in a bad neighbourhood with a high level of crime, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can fit in a Utopian location where there are no crimes at all.

You can google crime statistics of the neighbourhood that you are going to move to. You can review the number of transgressions that took place and get an idea of how much safer it is to other neighbourhoods. You can also use the help of experts: police officers. You can go to the area’s local police station and discuss your concerns with the officers. It is essential to choose a location where you know you and your family will be safe.

#6. Health care

Suppose your child gets sick late at night but there is no nearby hospitals in your neighbourhood. Hence, healthcare facilities are essential, especially if you have children or older people in your house.

Moreover, you are likely to develop a healthy lifestyle if you choose a neighbourhood that offers facilities like fitness centres, yoga centres and bike paths.

#7. Climate

Let’s say you are someone who has been living most of your life in a hot tropical climate. Will you be able to adjust to living in a chilly region?

Many people don’t realise it, but the climate is an important aspect to be considered when moving as if it affects our behaviour, hobbies and even our jobs.

#8. Proximity to Family

Do you have a large extended family? Do you usually spend your holidays with your family? If the answers to these questions is yes, it means that you will have to choose a place that is within a reasonable distance with your family, so you don’t have to travel for a visit.

#9. Food

This is maybe one of the least important factors, but it will surely be included on a foodie’s list!

For instance, if you are a seafood-lover, you can choose areas near the oceans where fresh seafood will be readily available.

Will you consider these factors when moving? Please share your comments!


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