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– Short-Distance Moving: Calling in a Pro or Moving Alone?

– Moving Next Door With the Help of Movers

When moving close to home, hiring movers is not necessarily essential. It is an opportunity for you to save money, both in relation to the journeys that will then be much less expensive but also depending on your organisation.

If you are moving to another floor or to the building or house opposite, what about the procedures, are they the same as for any other move? Can you hire a professional or is it unnecessary? Find all the answers to your questions in this blog.

Short-Distance Moving: Hiring a Professional or Moving Alone?

– You won’t need a moving truck, just your arms and possibly the help of your friends or roommates.

– Nevertheless, remember to borrow or buy a hand truck, which avoids carrying your heavier boxes and will make your move easier.

In some cases, a professional mover can be useful:

– If you need a furniture lift, the price of which varies between 120 and 500 dollars. It is advisable to hire a professional in this situation because using this tool is complicated and requires knowledge of a number of standards.

– If the volume of your business is high. You will then take fewer risks with experienced, faster and more efficient movers.

Good to know: note however that to move alone, it is imperative to be well insured!

Moving Next Door With the Help of Movers

If you have heavy and complex objects to move, it is wiser to use professionals, even for short distances:

– When your move does not require the transport of large goods, the service offered by moving companies is called “internal handling”.

– The process of protecting your goods (insurance, valuation, estimate, etc.) is identical to that of a traditional move.

The most important step in deciding is the calculation of the volume to be moved.

Go on the Internet to make an estimate: if the result is more than 20 m³, we advise you to hire a mover.

Good to know: contact the chosen professional to ask for more details, especially regarding rates, which are more advantageous without hiring a truck. All that remains for you to do is to compare with the cost of a move alone.

We can put you in touch with moving specialists, they will get you a free, no-obligation quote. Don’t forget to write down your comments below.


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