8 Tips That Will Make Packing Easy

Home sweet home! You’ve finally found the perfect house and are preparing to move. You are so excited that you are day-dreaming of your new place until you realize that you need to do the packing to ensure a successful moving day. It suddenly seems an impossible task and you don’t know how to pack. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a few hacks that will come in handy.

Follow the tips below to remove the weight off your shoulders and do your packing stress-free.

1. Declutter

 Toss, donate, sell or keep. This is not like your usual spring cleaning using Marie Kondo decluttering style while sparking joy. You need to make sure you get to it without dreading, as this step is essential in packing. Not only will it reduce your stress, but it will also lighten your workload and allow you to have less to pack.

2. Start Early

 You’ve probably heard the expression “the one who gets up early achieves more”. Well, it also applies to the one who starts packing early. Yet, most people think that they have plenty of time to start packing and usually wait until the last minute to do so. If we are aware that some things have to be packed right before moving, seasonal and holiday items, for instance, can be kept in boxes months before.

3. Schedule Your Packing

 Allocate a specific packing time in your calendar. It is easy to procrastinate, especially when you have a tremendous amount of belongings. Do it methodically! Like any other big task, break it down into steps. You will be more productive if you pack one room at a time while setting a timer. Make sure to start with the items you rarely use.

4. Buy Quality Boxes

 While it sounds easier to grab some boxes from your local grocery store, they might not be the best choice. These boxes might have been damaged by moisture or even infested by bugs. We recommend you invest in quality moving boxes to steer clear of the inconvenience of a carton falling apart on your moving day.

5. Consider The Box Size

 Another way to keep your boxes from breaking is by considering the size when packing. Like pillows and linens, light items should be put in big boxes while heavy objects, like books, should be packed in smaller boxes. This will also be beneficial when organizing the cartons in the moving truck.

6. Make The Most Of Color Labels

 Packing does not have to be boring! You can add some fun to the process by color coding your rooms! Plus, when you designate a specific color for each room, it will help you stay organized. You can mark each entrance with its associated color and on the moving day, you’ll know exactly which boxes belong to which room.

7. Don’t Overpack But Fill All Spaces

 Don’t overload! Most people make one common mistake when relocating is trying to fit all their items into the minimum boxes. We suggest that you instead create easy-to-lift packages and use as many boxes you need. 

However, another hack is that you make sure that you don’t leave empty spaces in your boxes by using clothing or packing paper. This, will prevent your belongings from moving around while lifting the boxes.

 8. Wrap Your Breakables

 Last but not least, to reduce the stress of breaking your belongings, you must take the time to wrap all your fragile objects. Even if you still need to be more cautious when handling these boxes, you can use plenty of bubble wrap, packing peanuts and foam padding to add an extra cushion in your packages.

If you consider these tips while packing and you are sure to cut corners and save time. Do you know any other helpful packing tips? Leave them in the comments below.


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