9 Reasons To Move Into A Studio Apartment

9 Reasons To Move Into A Studio Apartment

Do you live in a studio and wish you could afford a bigger one? Living small does not have to be a bad thing. On the contrary! The coziness factor is higher; you are close to everything – and do not have to clean so much. After reading our text, you will think differently. Here are nine amazing reasons to move into a studio apartment!


#1. Cheaper

Accommodation is our highest cost today. But if you have a studio, you will come down significantly in a monthly fee, in addition, you do not have to buy as much furniture. Then you can instead spend that money on more wonderful things such as travel, restaurant visits, hobbies and clothes for example.


#2. Easier Cleaning

A tiny apartment renter showed us the clever hacks she used to turn her 400-square-foot studio into a 'bright, airy, gilded oasis' | Business Insider

Australians take an average of 14 hours per week to clean their house. It’s almost two full working days. Or a whole weekend if you like. But then you have definitely not counted on ones! It goes in one go, and you can devote the time others spend cleaning to more fun things. In addition, there is not much space for litter and soil.


#3. You Do Not Have To Clean Up After Guests

Since you do not have space, you will never be asked to have a party, invitations, or overnight stays. If you are lucky, you do not even need to receive visits. Instead, you can go to others and let them take care of the dishes and cleaning- exceptionally smooth, anyway.


#4. Easier To Be Single

How a Woman Keeps Her 400 Square-Foot Apartment From Feeling Cramped

Living alone in a large apartment or house can create feelings of loneliness about something. If, on the other hand, you live in a studio, which is optimal if you live as a single person, you never have to feel that you are alone in the same way – a bit like being in your room only.


#5. Greater Social Life

Because you live in a crowded place and find it more challenging to receive guests, you automatically meet in other places or visit others.


#6. Close To Everything

When you lie on the couch and hunger strikes, it is only a few steps to the refrigerator. Like when the toilet visit calls in the middle of the night – absolutely convenient!


#7. Can Live Centrally

It is always more expensive to live in the middle of the city – something that not everyone can afford, but many people dream of. At least in the big cities. Thanks to the ones, it gives many more the chance to live in the middle of the city’s pulse without having to be a multimillionaire for that reason. And since you usually want to live in the centre due to the proximity to everything, you may not spend as much time at home anyway.


#8. Expert In Solutions

Wondering how to fit a bed, sofa, dining table – and all the clothes? Living small makes you an expert at finding solutions. You stop thinking “it’s not possible” and “I will never fit” – instead, you are positive because you know that everything works as long as you are a little creative. If you’re planning to downsize and need help with moving, contact the experts at ThunderMove. They ensure and guarantee a stress-free and totally professional moving experience for individuals and businesses throughout Melbourne.


#9. Better People And More Closeness

If you are two, or even three (there are bigger ones), you actually get closer to each other, and then we mean not only physically but also on other levels. You get to know each other better and can not “escape” to another room, but you must stay and resolve any conflicts. Result: you become more considerate, less selfish, and a devil in relationships, quite simply. And those are very positive qualities!




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