Hindu Traditions When Moving Into A New Home

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Hindu Traditions When Moving Into A New Home

Today, people are too much in a hurry to move into their new home that they often neglect spiritual guidance and fulfillment.

There are millions of Hindus around the world, but many fail to see how the Hindu way of life, while principally based on the teachings in the Vedas, can also teach us how to roll right into our house and life.

Prayer – An Important Element

Prayer – An Important Element

For Hindus, prayers are a part of everyday life. Whether it’s a short thanksgiving to God or a request for some favor, many are often involved in a complete session with all its frills.

According to Hindus, one of the first things they must do when entering their new home is to pray. While some choose to pray individually, others organize group prayers.

But, why is praying so important to Hindus, especially in this context?

Praying, for Hindus, has always been a way to express their faith and show their devotion to God. It is a means of looking up to a powerful force that has no equal. It not only gives a hope to strive for but also a hope that says to get rid of all negative forces and evil spirits residing in the house.

By offering prayers to God, Hindus believe they will be free from worry and stress and find contentment in their homes – which is only possible if one truthfully offers prayers with devotion (just like how you can find valuable gifts by digging deep within the earth).

The purpose of offering prayers is to create a gentle and calm place just like the water in a lake is.

Chanting A Variety Of Mantras

Chanting A Variety Of Mantras

The word mantra is derived from Sanskrit and literally means an instrument of thought. It could be a word, a phrase or sound recited or sung repeatedly. It also aids concentration when meditating.

The syllables in a mantra are linked in a definite order and when recited or sung as recommended, they convey a significant meaning and have a definite effect. It is also said that a mantra can provide protection and strength. This is the reason why most Hindus are highly dependent upon mantras when they move into a new house.

Some religious experts claim that the syllables that constitute a mantra when recited produce electrical ripples and waves that ensure strong magical effects, repelling evil forces.

Others see it as a sort of medium, endowed with a variety of powers that can win the favors of gods and goddesses and protect the family and the house from any bad omen.

When a mantra is recited, the power of the words along with one’s resolution and devotion, is strengthened and intermingles with the energy of the house.

Offering Flowers

Offering Flowers

Flowers are dear to anyone. But, for Hindus, they carry special significance and are offered to gods and goddesses when praying or conducting ceremonies or rituals. Truth be told, no ritual or ceremony is complete without them.

So, offering flowers during prayers or adorning gods and goddesses with them would promote the purity of the house and shun any evil presence in the house (as it is mentioned in the holy Kularnvatantra). The fragrance of flowers is said to please the gods, while their beauty invites happiness and contentment in a house.

However, as described in the Kalikapurana, one should never offer flowers that are stale or have been picked up from the ground to the gods. Damaged flowers or those infected with disease or insects are also forbidden. Neither should flower be borrowed or stolen.

Hindus also love to make malas to adorn their house. And, for the info, a mala is an ornament made by stringing flowers together on a thread.

For more information on Hindu moving traditions, come back for part 2.


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