Different Phases of a Successful Move

When you move, it is essential to carry out many formalities such as notifying all the organizations on which you depend on about your change of address, to update your situation. Failure to do so may result in delays or future administrative problems.

The different steps to take

During a move, many administrative formalities have to be carried out, such as :

– the administrative transfer;

– contract cancellation.

You can simply declare your change of address online to a large number of administrations, without having to travel or send a letter.

The different stages of the moving formalities


– If you are a tenant:

◦ To warn your landlord by notifying your departure by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, respecting the 3 months notice period.

◦ Carry out an inventory of fixtures and recover your security deposit if your move has been well done and that there has been no major damage in your accommodation. 

– If you are a property owner: you wish to sell, you must ask the syndic of the co-ownership for a statement of charges.

– Remember to keep all your documents relating to your home for some time.

Organization of the move

– Looking for a serious professional mover.

– Ask your employer for a leave of absence for your move. Some collective agreements provide for a free day off, check with your HR.

Children’s schooling

– Changing or keeping children in the same facility.

– In case of separation, notify the other spouse for access rights.

– Review extracurricular childcare (daycare, nursery, day care center, etc.).

Two months before moving

– Notify certain administrations, organizations and my employer (pension fund, complementary health insurance, tax services, national service office).

– But also: bank, insurance, energy, water, telephone and Internet providers.

– As for your pets (cat, dog), you’ll have to update its file in the national identification file for domestic carnivores.

One month after moving

– Carry out all changes of address: registration certificate, national identity card, passport, residence permit or residence card for foreigners.

– In case of damaged or lost items during the move, request reimbursement from the removal company.

– Ask the post office for the forwarding of mails.

– Register on the electoral rolls of the new place of residence before December 31.

Also note that if you move, you must take care of your social security. To do so, you must declare this change to your primary health insurance fund. But depending on whether or not you change departments, the process will not be the same.

Good to know: you can make this change from an online service.

If you stay in the same department

Here is the procedure if you live in the same department:

– After contacting your primary health insurance company and giving your new address, if your move does not involve a change of insurance company, your file is updated.

– At the time of the declaration of change of address, bring a copy of the necessary attestation.

If you move to another department

Some departments have more than one primary health insurance fund. You may be able to change your health insurance company without changing departments, but you will have to verify this with your local authorities.

And, once your social security file has been updated, you will receive a new certificate of rights.

Note well: if you change your treating physician, you must also inform your primary health insurance company.

Hope the above helps you out. Remember to write your comments in the section below.


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