Important Tips for a Move

The right moving formula, cardboard, calendar, price… things essential on your moving day! You have nothing to fear if you are well prepared and organized.

Three elements must be taken into account to move with complete peace of mind:

– When to move: you need to define a consistent schedule. Doing it too late generates stress and additional costs. The price of a move varies according to the month, the day of the week. So, it is always better to plan well in advance!

– Choose the right moving formula: the price varies by more than 50% between the economical formula in which you make the boxes or the complete formula where you do nothing.

To make sure nothing is left out, it is wise to schedule the move in advance.

– Prepare a list a few months before (1 to 3 months is reasonable): you will take care to plan everything according to a schedule (before, during and after the moving day);

– Choose the right day to move:

side view of a white moving and storage truck with an open door and cardboard boxes stacked against the side.

◦ planning your move during the summer months is more expensive and the same for weekends;

◦ to save money, choose a day during the week.

Tips on your moving formula if you hire a moving company

While organizing your move correctly, it is better to ask for several quotes to ensure you get the most competitive quote, especially if you want to move with a company that specializes in this type of activity. The quotation must be detailed, complete, and precise.

Also, read what is written in tiny letters or between the lines. If you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask for explanations.

Serious movers will take the time to make a technical visit to your home to assess the volume to be moved.

If you move alone

If you move by your own means, you also need to ask for several quotes for the rental of the van.

You will have to do it as soon as possible to have the maximum availability, especially if you move for a weekend.

Tips on your moving day

First, everything must be ready before the movers arrive. You should also know that your presence is essential throughout the move. If not, it is possible to appoint a person of your choice to represent you.

Moving process

The team leader of the movers will be your primary contact. As soon as he arrives, he will present himself and give you a copy of the removal consignment note, which is an official document taking into account all your furniture. It will be signed before the start of the move. The same applies to the instruction sheet or “work sheet,” which will include the dates and times of arrival (vehicle loaded and unloaded at the new home).

What to do just before moving

Once your move is scheduled, you can start preparing the logistics. You will have the following to consider:

– Plan your administrative procedures: contracts to be terminated, changes of address, school registration, etc.

– Prepare the necessary equipment: reserve boxes, rent dollies, provide straps and blankets, etc.

– Notify your employer and plan your days off accordingly.

A few days before the move or the day before:

– Plan to empty, clean, and defrost your refrigerator and freezer.

– Also, empty the cupboards filled with food.

– Attach the drum of your washing machine.

– Secure your electrical wires with tape.

Be more relaxed on moving day

To devote yourself fully to your move, and to do so in complete peace of mind, it is important to entrust your children to family or friends. The same applies to your pets. Thus, it is essential to check with them on their availability on that particular day. It is wise to also plan for backups like who will help you if your caretakers have an emergency?

The necessities on your moving day

It is not possible to cook on the day of your move. In this case, opt for a cold meal, water bottles, and coffee, which will be much appreciated.

It is advisable to have within reach the essential items during the move, i.e.:

– The keys and the relevant papers.

– Medicines and first aid kit.

– Your mobile phone.

– Household equipment and products to clean the house before you leave. Store them carefully in a bag that you will have handy.

The last checks before you leave:

– Remember to read the meters.

– While waiting for the arrival of the new inhabitants, turn off the water and the gas supply (if you have gas) but also the fuses.

– Check that everything is clean and all the windows are closed. Also, check that you have not forgotten anything on the spot

Tips for delivering furniture to the new home

When the truck is unloaded:

– Indicate to the team of movers, the location of your furniture in the different rooms.

– Make sure that you have all your boxes, furniture and equipment and that they are in good condition. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to check the contents of the boxes.

When the move is over

The furniture has arrived safely at your new home. Before signing the end-of-work declaration, check with the team leader and check that all the services have been carried out diligently.

You can note your various observations, anomalies, or complaints in the event of a problem or damage, and make a claim directly with the moving company. Otherwise, you may file a complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You can fill out a complaint form on their website, and they will contact the business, which is expected to respond within 30 days.

There are many reliable moving companies on the market. Hope you find a trustworthy company, and you don’t have to file a complaint against your movers. Good luck to you!


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