International Moving: Tips And Advice On How To Do It Right

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International moving is quite complicated compared to local moving. It requires the consideration of some important elements in order not to miss the moving process. What is this process? How to make a successful international move?

Preparing for an international move


The success of any move begins with its preparation. This preparation consists of planning the move and getting ready for the day when the key to the old apartment is returned. In the case of an international move, there are new elements to consider in the planning. Here are a few tips for success.

Define the needs of an international move

The needs of an international move are mainly the number of boxes needed to transport the belongings. An estimate of this number must be made according to the effects to be taken and the number of rooms.

Choosing an international mover

The choice of the mover is an important step for an international move. This choice involves analyzing the offers and conditions of international movers. These offers and conditions are different in the case of a local or national move. You must also take into account the price.

Fulfilling the administrative formalities


An international move requires that certain administrative formalities be completed. It is necessary to find out what documents are needed to facilitate the move in the country you are leaving and in the country you are moving to. Then, you must put together a file with these documents. This will allow you to comply with the customs requirements of both countries.

In addition, it is necessary to inform the administrative bodies of the move abroad. There are, for example, the bank, the tax office, the insurance company, the mutual health insurance company, the post office, and the health insurance company. Generally, these organizations must know your new address. It is, therefore, necessary to inform them of the address of your new home.

Preparing the day of the move

On the day of the move abroad, one must be prepared to avoid unpleasant surprises or avoid wasting time on that day. You should already contact a consultant to inform him/her of the characteristics of the two residences, such as the number of floors and the presence or absence of an elevator. You must also indicate these elements to the moving professionals.

Next, you must take care of the services that are not part of the movers’ contract. If there are other tasks that do not reveal their competence, they should also be eliminated. For example, it will be necessary to get rid of old furniture and pack boxes.

The actual cross-border moving phase


The actual move begins on the day the movers start their work. This day should be dedicated to the move, as the work requires a lot of concentration. In addition, it is necessary to be on-site to check that everything is going well. At the end of the work, a note will be signed. This note must mention the damages if any.

It is generally advisable to have a correspondent at the place of shipment of the effects. This is the new home. The correspondent will make sure that the items have arrived. This is necessary if the arrival date of the goods is not to be anticipated. This arrival can take days or weeks depending on the means of transport used.

The success of an international move depends on good planning and preparation of the move. Moreover, the movers only perform the tasks indicated in the chosen offer for the services. If other necessary work is not yet done, they can take care of it. This means that the cost of the move will increase. Therefore, it is important to be aware of these things before leaving and to take care of them. Then, everything goes smoothly with a little effort and attention on moving day.

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