Senior Moving Guide: Practical Moving Tips for Seniors (Part 2)

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Senior Moving Guide: Practical Moving Tips for Seniors (Part 2)

From my personal observations, I’ve noticed that as people age, they become more vulnerable to various health issues. It has also been an incredible experience to observe that people tend to get cranky when they get old. I think it intensifies with age perhaps because of all the other bodily changes going on. Now, imagine how difficult it might be for older people to declutter, pack and unpack and move into a new home.

Well, the good news is that we have compiled a second list of some of the best moving tips and tricks that will help seniors get through the moving process.

Plan Ahead With a Moving Checklist

Plan Ahead With a Moving ChecklistExperts say that the body and its functions become less efficient as it ages; well so does your memory. As you grow older and older, your internal memory gets filled with so much of information that you start having less working memory and your brain struggles to register and store all the information. During that natural shrinking-of-the-brain process, even your thinking and concentration are affected. In your cell phone, you can delete a majority of the stored excessive unwanted information so that your memory capacity is increased; however, the same cannot be applied to your biological memory. So, this is why you have to be very careful and be content with the little memory storage capacity left out. And, the best way to make sure you don’t miss out on any important detail of the moving process is by preparing a moving checklist.

The last time you moved, you were probably around your mid-thirties or forties and maybe you were juggling between work and raising kids, so moving was not that exhausting. But, today you’ve reached the retirement phase and maybe the process might get a little bit rusty. So, if you want to navigate through the process with ease, I suggest you plan each of your tasks thoroughly.

Good Communication

Good CommunicationWhen your siblings, children, grandchildren or friends are included, you need to keep everyone in the same loop about what’s going to happen before, during and even after the move.

Moving has been proved to be a very intensely emotional experience –it can be way more stressful when it’s your first time – and communication is one of the important factors that can keep the moving stress level down.

When everyone involved knows what’s happening, the whole moving process becomes easier; things will go smoothly, all tasks will be carried out on time and you’ll have the emotional support of your loved ones.

Consider Your Health

Consider Your HealthNot all elders get a lot of medical issues; I know some folks who’ve stayed disease-free until the end (the end of you know what). But, for the most of them, their bodies tend to wear out, senses tend to dull and complications ensue. As the body ages, there is more probability of the body experiencing several conditions at the same time. Your hearing is impaired over a period of time and hearing aids become a necessity; the eyesight is affected; the heart becomes weak; you start losing your teeth one by one and if you don’t control your food habits and your lifestyle choices, it might lead to some more serious health conditions.

Years ago, you might have been young, healthy and active but now you are experiencing a complete betrayal by your own body and to move into a new home at this stage is going to be very difficult, especially when you can’t rely on your loved ones for help.

It’s obvious that your body will start to wear out during this whole moving process. You can easily wear out your knees or hips while decluttering and packing your belongings. So, before you decide to move out of your house or neighborhood, make sure you consult a doctor. Discuss about the opportunities for you moving out of the state and all the medications you’ll be needing.

Getting a go-ahead from your doctor is great, but try to schedule a last doctor or even a dental visit before your move.




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