Moving Company: Selection Criteria To Make The Right Choice

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Moving is not always easy. Not only does it involve a certain amount of preparation time to sort through one’s belongings, but also one spends a few moments to make the choice of the moving company. Indeed, a move can only be successful if all your belongings are transported safely and to the right place. A wrong choice could be fatal for you. So, to save you from trouble, find out in this article the criteria for selecting a moving company.

Define your needs


It is up to you to determine the services that will be essential to you, whether administrative or transportation. First of all, you need to define your needs so that you can clearly determine the reasons why you want to hire a moving company. This will allow you to easily choose the company whose services are best suited to your needs.

Define your budget

First of all, you have to determine the budget that you will allocate to the move. This may vary depending on the type of move you choose, and other criteria, such as the volume of goods to be transported, the distance, the mode of transport, the insurance taken out, etc. It should be noted that during periods of high demand, the price of the move may increase by up to 15%.

But this rate varies according to the reputation of the moving company. So to make a good choice, the best solution is to compare the different quotes. As there are 3 categories of moving packages (standard, economy, and complete), you should take the time to analyze the quotes of each company. This way, you will know which one suits your budget best.

Check the reliability and reputation of the company.

Using reliable movers is a fairly important criterion. To make sure of this, check that the company has a label of trust for the consumer. A company that meets the NF standard will ensure that its services meet the specifications and performance levels determined by the standards developed by ANFOR.

Once you have selected the agencies, you can request quotes. You should also take the time to check the references of the moving companies. Then, to be more certain, consider collecting consumer reviews. And if you are still not sure, you can contact the agency of your choice directly.

Check for proximity and insurance.

The proximity of the company is also a criterion that should not be neglected in your choice. In fact, the further away the company is from your home, the higher the travel costs will be. It is thus more astute to call upon an agency located in the vicinity or closest to your home.

This way, you will avoid long travel and higher rates. To be sure of the quality of the moving company’s services, you should check its insurance. Indeed, the company must have insurance to be able to compensate you in case of loss of your goods.

Ask for the services and rates.

Generally, the moving packages are divided into the 3 categories mentioned above. However, movers may have their own packages. Therefore, you will need to gather some information about the specifics of each company. In addition, moving companies are obliged to display their rates for convenience. It is also possible to find additional rates because each company has its contracts and services.

Compared with other moving companies.


Once completed, the movers you have chosen will have to come to your home to evaluate the volume of goods to be transported. This involves contacting the agencies you have selected directly so that you can compare their quotes. If the mover refuses to come to your home, there is no need to call him back.

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