Moving day: How to move your fish?

You’re wondering how to properly move your fish during a relocation to your new apartment or house. Worry not, by the end of this post you will be confident to take up the challenge. Follow these few tips to reduce the stress on your fishes and help them adapt in your new place.
Before starting your journey, you will have to prepare the fishes and the tank in an orderly way. Note that it takes time and planning. You will want to keep their temporary habitat safe during the transit.

What to do before the move?
Change 20% of the water for 5 consecutive days before the great moving day.
The fishes should not be fed for 24-48 hours before the move. Do not worry, they will not starve as well-fed fishes during the previous days can survive more than 1 week without food. However, if your move is going to last a week or so, it is preferable to contact a pet store to board your fishes. From the very beginning, you will sign a contract mentioning the responsibilities of the store. Some pet stores provide great and professional services in packing and air-shipping your fishes to your new environment.

What to do during the move?
Place any plant from your aquarium in the bags. Then, fill the bags with water from your aquarium. This water is essential as it contains the good bacteria that will keep your fishes and plants alive.
Pack pumps, heaters, and all other accessories separately as you won’t be using them during the move. Keep your aquarium empty as having an item in the tank increases the risk of cracking the aquarium or causing future leaks.

After changing the water for the last time before the move, use plastic bags to transport your fish. These are special plastic bags like the one the pet shop gave you when you had earlier bought your fishes and transported them to your aquarium.
Make sure that these bags have enough air for your fishes. If unsure, you can take your fishes in the bags and go to a nearby pet shop and request them to airtight the bags. Usually, they have an instrument to pump in oxygen in the bags.

What to do after the move?
Perform the same steps you are used to when cleaning the aquarium at home. That is, begin refilling the tanks, set up the filters, pumps, filters, gravels. Reset the aquarium just the way it used to be. Since traveling brings a lot of stress for the fishes, move them exactly like when you added new fishes to the tanks previously. Let the bags float on the water in the tank to balance the temperature between the water in the tank and the bag.

Your fishes will take some time to readjust from the bag back to the aquarium. You will have to keep an eye on the water and conditions inside the tank. When the fishes would have calmed down after a few days, your aquarium will provide you the happiness and satisfaction you get with your beautiful fishes.


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