Moving Furniture Has Never Been Easier

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Moving furniture can be a true hassle. Not only can furniture be heavy and bulky, but it can also be very fragile. So it’s important that you handle it properly as part of the move. So we thought we’d share with you some practical tips for moving furniture and making it easier for you.

Things to Think About When Moving Furniture Yourself

Moving furniture can, as we’ve already mentioned, be a difficult task to solve on your own. Most furniture is very heavy and bulky. Especially when it comes to older furniture made of solid materials.
As if that wasn’t enough, many pieces of furniture are fragile. It can be very valuable. Both in terms of money and sentimental value. This can cause problems if you are planning to move the furniture yourself.
To make your move easier, we thought we’d share with you those practical tips:

Disassemble the Furniture (If Possible)

It’s much easier to handle the pieces of a piece of furniture than it is to handle an assembled piece of furniture. So if you want to make the move easier, it may be a good idea to disassemble your furniture, provided you have the opportunity to do so.
The only downside is that you will have to spend a lot of time and energy disassembling and assembling the furniture instead. So you have to make a compromise to see which alternative works best for you.

Remove the Legs

Even if you don’t want to disassemble large pieces of furniture, it can be beneficial to remove the legs and other similar elements from chairs, tables and dressers. This partly makes the furniture easier to handle and you avoid the risk of the legs breaking during lifting or transport.

Make Sure the Path Is Clear

Before you start lifting the furniture out of the house, you need to make sure that there are no objects in the way. This will allow you to work efficiently while avoiding the risk of falling. Something that can end badly, both for you and the furniture.

Be Sufficient

Another thing you should keep in mind is to use enough manpower. Avoid lifting large and heavy furniture by yourself. Ask your friends and acquaintances for help. Preferably more than you originally thought. It is not uncommon for furniture to weigh more than you think.

Lift Properly

When it comes time to move the furniture, it is important to lift it properly. Always try to keep your back straight and bend your legs instead when you lift something off the ground. This way, the risk of injury is reduced. You can find more tips in our article on lifting techniques.

Use a Variety of Tools

Fortunately, there are various tools and aids that can make your job easier when you need to move large, heavy furniture. These can be anything from baby carriers to bag dollies to smart sliding plates. The downside is that some tools can be expensive to purchase, when they will probably only be used once.

Be Aware of Your Limitations

Even if there are a lot of you and you use different tools, the furniture may be too heavy for you to handle on your own. If you find that the furniture is far too heavy and difficult to handle, you should leave it and hire a professional moving company to do the job. Just Be Aware of Your Limitations!

It’s not worth hurting yourself, the furniture, or anything else in the house just because you went to a thousand lengths to do the move by yourself. If you are in Australia, you can check out Vic Leahy Removal & Storage. Their professional removalists assist you in all your moving and relocating needs throughout Melbourne South Eastern and Eastern Suburbs as well as the Bayside areas.


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