Moving With Pets: 8 Tips for a Successful Move

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Moving With Pets: 8 Tips for a Successful Move

Honestly, I’m not going to raise any false hopes – moving with pets can be pretty stressful.

But, chances are, we might alleviate a bit of that stress with the following valuable tips.

#1. Prepare Well Ahead of Time

Prepare Well Ahead of Time

Moving with animals is going to be quite a daunting process, even with a well-trained pet – it’s not going to be like taking your dog on a walk.

However, creating a proper plan can be justified by the need to identify what’s important. When you are setting up a plan, there’ll be less stress to deal with during the moving day.

Your objectives will be clearer. Your focus will be shifted on priorities only. And, it will become easier to achieve your goals.

Creating guidelines, looking for travel requirements, being in touch with your vet and establishing helpful recommendations will help you to be more in control.

But, imprint this in your mind: the sooner you start planning, the better it’ll be.

#2. Prepare an Overnight Kit

Prepare an Overnight Kit

Going on road trips, hiking, camping or moving with your pet, injuries can occur at any time.

As a pet owner, are you prepared to face such emergencies?

When disaster strikes, each and every minute counts. To make sure a simple incident don’t turn into a horrible nightmare, prepare a pet emergency kit.

What exactly should it consist of?

  • Sufficient pet food
  • Toys
  • Bottled Water
  • Clean food and water bowls
  • Leash, collar and harness
  • Kitty Litter
  • Pet life jacket and paw protectors
  • A flashlight with some extra batteries
  • Basic pet first-aid kit
  • Pictures of your pet in case of separation
  • Emergency contacts
  • Vaccination records and medical history
  • Contact information of veterinarian

Side note: A pet emergency kit varies depending on the type of pet you have.

#3. Do Not Mix Your Pet’s Moving Day Necessities With Your Belongings

Do Not Mix Your Pet’s Moving Day Necessities With Your Belongings

I get that you’ll have lots of things to pack, but keeping your pet’s necessities separate from your own stuff will prove to be very helpful and efficient, especially when you’ll need to locate your pet’s food.

#4. Get Your Pet to Be More Familiar With Packing Supplies and Boxes

Get Your Pet to Be More Familiar With Packing Supplies and Boxes

When there’s moving, there’s also lots of empty boxes, rippable tissue paper and everyone’s favorite…bubble wrap.

Whether you give it to a 3-year-old or a 35-year-old, I’d say we are all fascinated by this wrap.

I guess science will have an answer to why it’s so addictive, but the instant joy and laughter it brings is enough for me.

Just like how bursting bubbles is enjoyable for you, similarly, your pets would love to play with packing equipment.

But, if you don’t want to end up with a huge mess of packing supplies on your moving day, place a few empty boxes in a room a few weeks before your move and let your dog get used to them.

#5. Know the Law

Know the Law

Different laws have been set for each state and if you are going to travel long distances, you need to be aware of the travel regulations established for pets.

For instance, some prohibit the importation of more than 100 different breeds of dogs (not that you’ll be traveling with that many pets…right?)

#6. Contact Your Veterinarian

Contact Your Veterinarian

Experts recommend scheduling a check-up for your pet right before the big move.

Taking your pet’s medical records and any prescription medications with you might come in handy.

#7. Keep Your Pets Entertained

Keep Your Pets Entertained

Sensing a change, your pet is at risk of being anxious and can therefore create a disruption in the already hectic moving process.

What I recommend you is to make sure your pet burn most of its energy.

A tired and exhausted pet will be a calm one, making the whole process a more peaceful one.

#8. Don’t Give Animal Food Right Before Moving

Don’t Give Animal Food Right Before Moving

Feed your cats and dogs with solid food a few hours before the big move and see how you’ll end up with puddles of vomit.

Relocating to a new city with your pet? Tell us how it went!


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