Reduce Your Moving Bill With Junk Removal!


– Collection of bulky items: principle

– Different solutions to collect bulky items

– What is junk removal?

– Principle of junk removal

Did you know that you can reduce your moving bill thanks to junk removal! When moving, it is essential to get rid of obsolete and useless objects. To do this, moving companies offer the “junk removal” service, but to reduce the bill, you can take advantage of bulky items collection.

Collection of bulky items: principle

Before moving, it is wise to sort through your belongings and get rid of bulky, useless, old, and outdated items or even appliances that no longer work. This allows you to considerably reduce the volume of your move and therefore the price of the latter.

These various objects, called “bulky”, require special treatment and cannot be thrown into the household waste.

Different solutions to collect bulky items

A sofa, an old piece of furniture, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, and even a microwave are bulky items that you want to get rid of, and there are different solutions, such as:

– The waste disposal center: which is often not very far from your home. You have to deposit your bulky items there.

– Ask your mover to take care of it. The mover may charge an extra fee, but it will not be included in the volume to be moved. Don’t forget to mention this when your mover visits.

– Call upon a private company: to get rid of it; it is the simplest solution if you have to evacuate many things, but it has a certain cost.

– Ask the city hall if you can benefit from a service dedicated to bulky items: removing bulky items is scheduled at fixed dates and times. This service is predominantly available in large cities.

– Give them free of charge to an association: a team can come and load your bulky items and reuse them.

What is junk removal?

Junk Removal

First of all, a junk room is generally a place to store various objects, furniture, or other surpluses that you no longer need.

But the storage room is also a service offered by removal companies to get rid of many useless things. This allows you to sort out your belongings and reduce the cost of the move, knowing that there will be less volume to transport.

Principle of junk removal

The professional intervenes to remove small and large volumes (furniture, household appliances, rubble, wood…). The place to be cleared can be a cellar, an attic, a garage, challenging to access or not.

On the day of the visit, the expert will evaluate with you the nature of the various undesirable objects to get rid of and to buy back and in which conditions.

The mover then proposes a price and estimate. This one is established according to:

– the value of the goods to be evacuated;

– the cost of recycling in a waste disposal center;

– the labor costs and the storage place of the objects.

This will allow you:

– to receive a profit if some objects can still be used or have value;

– to get rid of your old objects for free or for a fee if they have no value.

In any case, this formula allows you to reduce the bill of your removal or the furniture depository if you had to deposit some things there.

This solution also has the advantage of enhancing the value of your belongings that you no longer need, giving them a second life, helping the poorest people, and recycling them while respecting the planet.


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