Points to Consider When Moving in with a Housemate

Moving in is something we all have thought of doing but we rarely ever do it, but when there is the chance, we should totally do it without any hesitation. You can either choose to move in alone or have a Housemate. A housemate is someone who will rent a room along with you and will help in the household chores. Your housemate can be someone you know or a stranger, however, be careful when having a stranger as your housemate- do a background check before they move in.

Well, if you want to move a new house with a new housemate, then you must maintain having a friendly housemate is not less than a blessing because such relations make environment of the entire house very peaceful and joyous. Below mentioned are few tips which can help to establish this neighborhood in smooth manner:

1. Maintain the standard of Hygiene Together: Sanitation is always most important part of any home. We all love clean surroundings and we desire our housemates also to follow same standards. It is always essential to maintain upmost standard cleanliness around to fight against any disease. Both should sit together and set standard of cleanliness to follow strictly. Discussion on such matters always develop better understanding.

2. Split Household work and Expenses Equally: Divide all duties of cleaning room, bathroom and kitchen equally and rotate these responsibilities after some days, so no one get bored by doing same work. Perform the allotted work out of joy rather as a burden. Always share all monthly expenses equally. Managing a house also means apart from rent and grocery, there would be some other miscellaneous expenses which also should be equally divided.

3. Do not Disturb Others Lifestyle: Never disturb housemate by playing loud and irritating music. Screaming music is always annoying and very bad habit, especially when others are sleeping or doing important work. Always use good quality earphones to enjoy your favorite music.

Do not disturb housemate’s sleep when you return home late because of any reasons. Silently enter the house and do not switch on all lights which can hamper others sleep.

4. Respect Privacy of Others: Would you like if someone interfere in your private life or use your gadgets without permission? No. Always know your limits and respect other’s privacy. Never use anyone’s phone or gadgets without permission which is considered a very bad habit. Person may have some private contents which are not for everyone, so respect other’s confidentiality.

Brunette getting angry, because her friend haven’t washed dishes, but still using digital tablet.

5. Have Connection with Housemate: Developing a bond with housemate whom you are sharing home is a very relaxed feeling. Try to know each other’s nature and find ways to get connected accordingly by having friendly talks. No one is perfect in this world and everyone has many shortcomings. Accept this reality and start accepting the person as he is. There is a chance of having major differences on some matters, but everything can be sort out by peaceful discussion.

Outing for a movie or dinner together on weekends is another wonderful idea. Always come forward first to help in any need emergency. You both are staying away from love ones so take care for each other like family members.

6. Do not Disrupt Study or Work Schedule: Studying and office work demands lot of focus without any interference. Never disturb each other while doing important work, rather help housemate by making tea or coffee while he is busy and offer him. Such genuine help will establish close connection.

7. Be Reasonable While Inviting Guests: Inviting friends to visit your home sometimes is acceptable but if this will happen frequently then it requires some discussion. Be reasonable about inviting friends and for daily hangouts, meet them outside only. If you have guests visiting from another city for a day or two, then inform about their arrival to your housemate in advance. Make arrangement for some other accommodation for visitors If housemate is not comfortable.

8. Don’t Behave Like a Boss: You both are hiring the house that means both have equal rights and you are not the sole owner. Do not behave like an owner while using refrigerator, washing machine and other home appliances. Act in a way which make your housemate feel friendly and cooperating.

9. Admit Mistakes: It is quite possible that you may end up breaking some belonging of housemate while staying together. Do not hide and honestly confess your mistake. Ensure him to buy him a new one and your honesty will solve most of the problems.

10. Always Remain Communicated: Miscommunication is the root cause of all fights and differences. To avoid these unnecessary arguments, always keep communication upright. This will also help to come over any upcoming issues.

11. Encourage Similarities: Everyone has some similarities and some differences between each other. Encourage these common interests to connect better way. This can be in relation to arts, food, sports, entertainment or any other area. Such involvement can prove to be the best way to connect with each other.

12. Learn to Forgive and Forget: Everyone is prone to commit mistakes, so learn the art of forgive and forget mistakes of others. Start seeing positive things in others and by following this mantra, things will become smoother and achievable.

Therefore, the best decision you can take about having a housemate is to be aware of their situation as well as they are aware of yours. All the best in moving in!


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