Professional Movers Share Their Tips and Tricks for an Easier and Less Stressful Move (Part 3)

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Professional Movers Share Their Tips and Tricks for an Easier and Less Stressful Move (Part 3)

Divorce and the death of a loved one are life’s great stressors and moving comes right after. Everyone hates packing, unpacking and the dreadful paperwork. However, this time, we bring you some tips and tricks that will change the way you think of moving.

Organize All Important Documents in a Bin

Organize All Important Documents in a BinIn the last move I was a part of, there were a lot of things hauled to the dump, a fair amount of items was donated to the church, some stuff intentionally left in the old house and the remaining into the moving truck. When we arrived at the new house, we discovered that a few items got missorted. We accidentally included a box full of movies in the church donation load and a few things that should have been kept were thrown out. Some things turned up after a few months.

When it comes to moving, no matter how many precautions you take, something will manage to get lost. It’s very common for homeowners to lose pot plants, keys, chargers, clothing and some basic toiletries, however, you cannot afford to lose crucial papers like home mortgage documents, legal papers and financial records. And, storing them in an ocean of cardboard boxes won’t help either.

Experts suggest using a water-resistant and plastic bin for storing all of your important documents, including things like your passport, insurance papers and so on.

A Final Walk-Through

A Final Walk-ThroughThis is a crucial step that both a buyer and a real estate agent go through before the official closing. It also represents an opportunity where the buyer gets to inspect the house and check that there’s no new damage and that all the belongings of the previous occupants have been removed.

This step is sometimes ignored by many which is why they eventually end up walking into a new home and find that it’s still full of someone else’s stuff. And, that can be really frustrating. If you don’t want to find your new home’s garage piled up with junk and haul off the previous owner’s clutter, insist on taking a walk-through of the new house before signing the lease.

Furniture Mess

Furniture MessI’ve had a friend who was living in her deceased mother’s home – that was really huge, by the way – and then, in her 30s, she decided to move into an apartment found in Brooklyn. She was a fan of oversized sofas, large round dining tables and queen-size beds, so she spent a large chunk of her savings on these items. I still remember how excited she was to get them into her new apartment. Unfortunately, she didn’t think of the narrow winding staircase of the building when she bought these pieces of furniture and in the end, she had to sell the pricey furniture and buy new ones.

If you don’t want to end up like my friend, make sure to always measure all the doorways, staircases and passageways of the new home you are moving into if you are going to purchase new furniture.

Take Pictures 

Take Pictures When moving into a new home, not everyone sells their electronic equipment and accessories – or rather, not everyone can afford new ones. So, you’ll unplug all your electronics and pack them up. When you’ll hire moving companies, they’ll load and unload them, but they won’t plug them back for you – I can’t believe they can be that generous. And, that’s the starting point of a great frustration.

So, to avoid causing any mess, take a picture of the back of all your electronics and you’ll have a better idea of how to plug them back.

Food Is the Solution to All Your Problems

Food Is the Solution to All Your ProblemsResearch has proven that food can help to fight stress and since the beginning, we’ve been talking about how stressful moving can be.

If thinking about a new place and a new home terrifies you, grab a bottle of wine and some cheese or go for the traditional meal – a beer in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other.










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