Professional Movers Share Their Tips and Tricks for an Easier and Less Stressful Move

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Elaine Bond: “I’ve moved to a new house, which is out of Gedling, and there’s just one box that needs unpacking, yet I’m still not quite settled and I feel so weary. Moving has disrupted all of my routines and I have been unstable for a very long period of time. This new phase has created a feeling of uncertainty in me which lasted for months. The list was very long; there were so many tasks that needed to be done and I was incredibly sad to move away from my house, neighbors, loved ones and the whole neighborhood. My level of anxiety increased; I was angry and snappy with my kids. This process is truly tortuous!”

Koraly Dimitriadis: “When I moved six years ago, I was really miserable. At the start, I saw the new move as a new, mature and comfortable phase in my life. I was thinking it was fate’s way of pushing in a new direction. I never thought it would be such a big deal. However, during the whole moving process, I was stressed, anxious and sad.”

Vicky Wylie: “When my landlord decided to sell his house without telling us, we had only one week – can you imagine it- to find a another house to live. It was the most stressful thing I have ever done in my life. We had to store all our things in the garage of the new home as the house was not ready to accommodate all of our stuff. And, what’s even worst is that we had to cook dinner outside on a wee stove and sleep in a tent. The neighbors even thought we were mental.”

These stories prove that there is a reason why they say moving house is as stressful as a divorce or the loss of a loved one. Indeed, moving was never easy, nor will it ever be. After all, no one in their right mind looks forward to packing and unpacking boxes, lifting heavy stuff up and down stairs and leaving their once cherished home-sweet-home.

However, moving doesn’t always have to be exhausting. There are professionals with a few savvy tricks up their sleeves who have just the right tips and tricks that can turn the moving process into a seamless operation. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy-peasy, just less chaotic!

Write It Down!

Write It Down!I don’t know if it’s a moving checklist or not, but whatever you need to make the moving a less exhausting process, put it down on that list. That’s what I call it.

There are different types of lists you can make. You can list down all the tasks that have been done (like looking for a house) and all the remaining ones (like the packing and labeling stuff). Or, you can also plan your list as per the things that have to be done in order.

No matter the way you are customizing your list, make sure that you do not forget anything. And, a useful tip would be to include even personal tasks and effects.

Start as Soon as Possible

Start as Soon as PossibleWe’ve all heard of this one, but the reality fact is no one starts packing clothes and personal accessories until there are only a few days left for the moving day.

Experts don’t recommend packing up your home earlier just because later on, it’ll be a more time-consuming task. Instead, as soon as you’ll be nearing the D-day, you’ll have other more serious stuff to deal with and you certainly don’t need the whole “packing and labeling” step to add to your already-busy schedule.

Don’t Take Clutter With You

Don’t Take Clutter With YouIf packing late gives you a headache, well then, I guess embarking with clutter will give you constipation.

They say moving is like the beginning a new life. So, instead of bringing all the clutter of your home with you, I suggest you dump them in three different boxes labeled “keep”, “throw,” and “donate.”




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