Why Call a Professional Mover


– Movers: finding the right company

– Estimate of costs charged by the mover

– The different moving formulas

When you are looking for moving services, you need to make sure that the company is serious and meets your needs. Moving home means taking everything that has made your day-to-day history over the years with you. Finding a good mover is an essential part of your move. It’s a good thing: we’re here to help you! Mover: finding the right company

Search on the Internet

You can start with a search to find mover sites that match your area. Many companies will tell you about the services they offer, some will give you a few prices, most will give you online estimates.

Don’t hesitate to consult blogs that may mention the company, in order to find out the opinions of former Internet users. But for once, the internet may not be the best place to do the first search.

Word of mouth

It may be smarter to ask for references from family members or friends who have recently moved to the same area.

The minimum information you need to obtain is:

– the volume that has been retained;

– the cost of the move;

– for what distance;

– what additional services were chosen;

– the positive and negative aspects of the experience.

Real estate agents can be another source of selection, especially if your new rent/purchase is through one of them. They will be all the more zealous in providing you with information.

Calling companies

Once you have identified the moving companies that seem to be competent, call them so that you can get a first impression of the quality of their service (or even to find out if they still exist).

You should only work with companies that have local offices and are willing to send someone to do an estimate at your home.

Avoid companies that give an estimate over the phone based on your description. There can be many surprises, starting with a poor estimate of your share of the volume to be transported.

We advise you to choose three different companies (if possible, two independents and one company that is part of a national group).

Get an idea!

In order not to be caught off guard, make your own evaluation of the volume, if necessary by measuring the contents of the cupboards, the dimensions of the furniture, etc.

Then look for comparative information on rates for different moves. This will have the advantage of giving you a price order that will serve as a reference in your discussions.

An estimate of costs charged by the mover

Once potential companies have been selected, you will need to get the best possible rate for a given service.

Control the volume assessment

Make an appointment with each of the three companies to have one of their employees come and see you. Make sure that they spend the necessary time, that they look at all your furniture, but also at the inside of your cabinets. This is the best way to get an accurate estimate of the value of the goods as well as their volume. Also, think of garden sheds and various cellars that can hold surprises in terms of volume to be transported.

Compare prices

Get a written estimate so you can compare companies and their prices. The estimate will allow you to have fixed prices, to check that the company is duly registered or whether you are dealing with a craftsman.

Check in the general conditions of sale, which are usually annexed, the amounts of insurance covering the risk of breakage, and the responsibilities retained in this case.

Ask them if they agree to give you the telephone number of one of the last people they moved or, failing that, if they agree to give them your number so that you can get in touch: their opinion will be valuable. Go back to the internet to consult the company’s website and the blogs that refer to it, if you haven’t done so before.

Choose the quality

A company that has ISO 9001 (quality certification) certification is a guarantee of seriousness.

If you need an international move, choose a company that is an Authorized Economic Operator to make sure that it has mastered all the customs declarations.

The company you select will have to mention the date and time of your move.

Don’t hesitate to send a small thank you email or SMS to the other companies that you have not selected, out of respect for their work, and because you may have to meet them again in the future.

The different moving formulas

They vary from company to company, but there are at least two main types:

The economic package

The mover will deliver to you a few days or weeks ahead of time any additional boxes you may need and everything else you need to pack. You make the boxes and the company only takes care of the loading, transportation, and delivery to the new location.

The classic package

It is the mover who takes care of packing everything and ensures the move. There is often an option with or without packing fragile items (such as dishes or precious chandeliers).

Also, think about anticipating the various formalities that you will have to accomplish in the event of a move. You will be doing yourself a great service, the importance of which you will quickly realize when the time comes.


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  1. It’s cool to think that you can now hire professionals that can help you move from one place to another using their expertise and experience. My boss is thinking of moving most of his office equipment into his home for a home office setup. I’ll relay this article to him so he could use it as a guide!

  2. Thank you, Zachary Tomlinson. Should you wish to read on a particular topic, kindly write your comments below and I will get back to you asap!

  3. I can see how moving experts can benefit families since they simplify the entire move. My brother wants to move into the countryside and be far away from the city’s busy streets. Since now I know how these experts work, he might probably consider the idea of hiring them in the future.

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