Rituals Around the World for Moving in a New House – Part 3

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There are many cultures that have specific rituals for the moving process. Parts 1 and 2 were based on Chinese and Indian traditions, while part 3 deals with Islamic customs. Let’s learn about some Islamic rituals for moving into a new house.

1. Make a Duaa

In the Islamic terminology, ‘duaa’ refers to a prayer of supplication or request which is considered by Muslims as an essential act of worship. As per the Muslim customs, the first step when moving into a new house is to recite the following duaa.

  • Al-hamdu Lillaah illadhi bi ni’matihi tatimmu’l-saalihaat” (Praise be to Allah by Whose grace good deeds are completed)
  • “Ma sha’ Allah la quwwata illa Billaah” (There is no power or might but with Allah)

In your prayers, you should ask Allah to bestow blessings, peace and happiness to your new house. Protection of your house is also requested during the sacred prayers. While entering your home, you could even recite the phrase, “In the name of Allah we enter, and in the name of Allah we leave, and upon our Lord, we place our trust.” This ensures the spiritual protection of your house and wards off all evil eyes.

2. Say Bismillaah

Bismillaah is an Arabic word that means ‘in the name of God’ and is based on the opening phrase of the Quran. Muslims widely use it to receive blessings from God. As a result, it is recommended by Islamic traditions to say Bismillaah while stepping into your new house to keep shaytaan (the Devil) away from your home.

3. Read the Quran

The Quran is the central holy book for Muslims that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad over 23 years. It refers to the sacred word of God. It is believed by Islamic tradition that one should always have a Quran in the house and hence it is crucial to bring the Quran with you in the new house.

However, don’t be so lazy and leave the Quran on a shelf!

There should be a daily recitation of the Quran in your new house. According to Islamic customs, men, women, and children must engage in the tilawah, which is reading the Quran as it helps protect both your new house and family from evil. Peace and mercy will flow in your house and shaytaan will have no choice but to stay away from your new house. The Prophet Yahya (known as John the Baptist to those of Christian faith) once claimed that even if the devil attacks your new house, they will find Allah’s holy word as the protector.

4. Acts of Charity

Poor, Black, Poverty, Homeless, Unemployed

In Islam, acts of charity are seen as essential. Hence, if you are relocating, you need to distribute money, clothes or food to the poor and needy. This is said to bring an abundance of wealth in your house and Allah will show you His mercy.

5. Invite People

Another essential Islamic custom when moving is to prepare food and invite people over to your new house. This is a means of expressing your gratitude and loyalty to Allah. Ulamas, who are religious experts in Islam, claim that it is vital to offer a feast when acquiring a new place to keep evil spirits away. This tradition is called wakeerah, where feasts are usually given on happy occasions and are thus seen as an essential custom.

6. Avoid Superstitions

Islamic culture does not believe in superstitions. Hence, it is recommended that one should not carry out any superstitious practices while entering a new home such as hanging lemons and Ritin the doorways or throwing salt all around the house. Avoiding these superstitious practices will, in a way, protect your new house.

What do you think about these traditions? Different from the others or similar? Please share your comments!


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