Moving Guide During the Pandemic

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A move is complicated, whether you choose to handle it alone or hire professionals to help you relieve the stress of packing and unpacking for hours on end. But suppose you have no other choice but to hire a company to help you move during the coronavirus pandemic. In that case, you may feel even more anxious as you look for ways to stay as safe and healthy as possible throughout this intense process. Suppose you plan a move during the COVID-19 outbreak or have already obtained a moving date from a professional moving company. In that case, you may wish to consider additional measures to help you move safely. Below are some practical tips to help you through the moving process as you navigate this uncharted territory.

Choosing movers who know what they are doing

Before the pandemic, as the tradition goes, you may have been able to be in touch with few friends and family members to help you move most of your furniture and belongings with the promise of a pizza. But during the pandemic, you must practice social distancing and limit the people you usually interact with, even when wearing a mask. Interacting with too many people puts you and your family at risk, as well as others who may be vulnerable to the virus. To help you move quickly while keeping everyone safe, it is good to hire moving professionals who know what they are doing.

Research the practices that moving professionals in your area are involved in to reduce the spread of coronavirus. They should wear masks properly, disinfect surfaces when they contact them, and follow other CDC guidelines. These practices are critical because moving professionals move in and out of your home, which is not open to the outdoors. That said, choose moving assistance with the skills and experience to ensure your family’s safety, not just your belongings.

Keep your windows open during your move.

Wear a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic is necessary, but a mask can’t do everything to keep particles out of your mouth and nose. To prevent these particles from accumulating in a confined space, consider keeping your windows open in your home or apartment when you move. Introducing fresh air into the room will help reduce the stale air inside. Of course, this may be easier to do on hot days where about 50% of moves take place.

Give yourself extra time.

Everything is more difficult in the pandemic. Packing and moving at the last minute is not possible. It would be best to give yourself the extra time you need to wash your hands regularly, disinfect surfaces, eat, rest, hydrate, etc. You certainly want to give yourself more time if you are moving with children or pets as the moving process will be more physically and emotionally exhausting than you think. If you can, consider taking time off to pack your belongings as safely as possible.

Learn about donation procedures

Before the pandemic, you might have been able to sort your belongings and send a box to your local donation center, knowing that you had managed to reduce your staff somewhat during the packing process. However, donating is not as easy as it used to be. Local donation centers have new procedures to protect the people who use the items and open the boxes you donate from the COVID-19 virus.

Be sure to check your local donation center’s website to determine what items you can donate and where to drop them off. Some donation centers may no longer accept clothing, while others may have different drop-off points to reduce contact. Donation centers generally have rules and regulations that reflect local and national guidelines, so be sure to check your local guidelines as well.

Pack more materials than you need 

Packing up during a pandemic has its challenges. Items that you didn’t consider necessary packaging items may need their box to prevent them from being handled directly. Also, last-minute trips to the hardware store to get more boxes and packing materials is a complete process that you may not have time for. To avoid these problems when you move, make sure you have enough packing materials on hand. This includes boxes, bubble wrap, peanut wrappers, etc.


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