The Technical Visit for a Move: How Does It Happen?

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The technical visit by a professional mover at your home is an essential step if you want to be helped and advised to move in the best conditions. Whether it is to estimate the volume of your move or to meet with the moving company before establishing a final estimate, this post explains how the technical advisor’s visit occurs before moving.

 Why ask for a technical visit for your move?

Usually, you can request a visit from a professional by entering your moving estimate online. Or, some companies can offer a free visit to your home to establish a detailed and precise moving estimate.

 Benefit from the experience of a professional

A technician’s visit will make you feel the seriousness of a moving company to guarantee you the best experience.

For instance:

    • Estimating the size of each room is not that simple. If you have many spaces to move and outbuildings, it will take less time to seek professional advice.
    • You don’t feel able or have time to explain over the phone why a particular piece of furniture needs to be moved with care. So you prefer direct contact so that the mover can see the situation for himself.
    • You are afraid of forgetting essential items before the moving day and count on the technician to help you.

How will the visit of a professional mover help me out?

Some movers offer this technical inspection for free, so why not ask for a visit from a mover if you want extra security?

Otherwise, you may have an unpleasant surprise on the overall price of your move, without the professional visit. For example, you may be charged extra if you have omitted essential items.

 Indeed, if you have not sufficiently estimated the volume of your move, the company may charge you extra.

 On the other hand, you must indicate, as far as possible, the possible difficulties in dismantling the furniture you have installed.

 Without the technical visit to your home, you must anticipate all possible questions. For example, “Is it possible to park at the bottom of your house?” You will need to be clear on your home’s specifics and inquire about parking options for the moving truck.

 If you have not indicated the access difficulties beforehand and if there has not been a technical visit to the house, the mover can ask you for additional fees. You may forget some essential moving elements, such as the obligation to rent a furniture lift. In addition, if there are not enough movers present on D-day, this could be a serious problem.

 If you have not taken out additional damage insurance, or special moving insurance, this possible overcharge will be out of your pocket!

Therefore, that’s how a professional can help you out. 

 How does the technical inspection for a move take place?

The three critical steps

 The technical visit of a moving consultant will allow you to know and estimate the material and labor necessary for your move. The professional will take into account three main elements in his specifications.

 1- Estimate of the volume of the move

In this first step, the technician draws up a list of your furniture. He estimates the volume and the size of the moving truck. He also estimates the number of boxes he will have to provide and, finally, the amount of labor.

 The moving professional will be able to estimate the cost of your move by calculating the cubage of your rooms in m3. He will go around each room and your outbuildings, cellar, garage, attic, or shed. Be sure to show him the converted annexes.

 He will estimate the number of boxes needed to pack your belongings and the models adapted for objects requiring reinforced protection.

 2- Verification of furniture installations

In this second step, the professional estimates the difficulty of disassembling and reassembling the furniture you would entrust to him, as well as the difficulties he will face with some types of intimidating and fragile furniture, such as a chandelier.

 He will also evaluate the moving equipment and the qualified personnel for the different operations.

 The professional mover is there to give you the best advice on all the questions you may have, so take advantage of it! This is the best time to know how to disassemble a piece of furniture or any other technical point.

 3- Access to your home

 The internal accesses

 During his visit, the technician will assess the width of the doors in your home, the width of the hallways, the stairwell, the size of the elevator to move your furniture. If it is a move without an elevator, or if the elevator is too narrow, he will make the necessary arrangements in terms of equipment and personnel.

 The external accesses

A professional mover also estimates the difficulty of access by the outside, if there will be a need to reach the furniture by a court or a garden.

 In this 3rd step, he checks the displacement conditions and if the truck’s parking or the furniture elevator is possible. If you live in a pedestrian area, there are a certain number of rules to respect. Similarly, if your home is located in a private area, you must consider the safety rules for moving heavy objects.

 It would help if you also informed the mover of the conditions of access to your new home. Again, it would be best to inform the mover of the possible use of a furniture lift and the parking conditions at your new location. If you have taken pictures, it’s even better! You can show them to the mover.

 Necessary formalities during the technical visit of the move

 Parking permit for furniture elevator: If the mover takes care of this formality, he will indicate the amount paid on the moving estimate.

 Usually, he will give the declaration of value to you during the technical visit: Another solution to save time is to ask the professional to help you fill in your value statement.

 The declaration of value is an essential document for finalizing the moving contract, which can be canceled if it has not been established within a reasonable amount of time (5 days) before the move.

 Finalizing the choice of the formula during the technical visit for moving

 You will agree with the technician on the most suitable moving package according to your criteria and budget.

 The mover will give you a choice between 3 options

 – Economic

 – Standard

 – Luxury

 Think carefully before choosing your package and ask yourself the right questions: Are you sure you want to pack your fragile objects yourself? Do you have time to disassemble or reassemble your furniture?

 The mover can also propose you the groupage.

 If the professional offers you this solution, go for it! Indeed, if you have a little volume to move, you can use this formula to move cheaply.

 How to define the price of your move during the technical visit of the professional?

 Usually, the price of a move is based on four criteria that you can study during the visit of our technician:

 – The chosen formula

 – The volume to be moved

 – The date of your move

 – The distance to your home

Attention: on the day of the move, do not add furniture or other boxes that were not present on the consultant’s visit. He will have a detailed list with him!

 The custom online moving estimate

 Even if the technician can advise and help you during his visit, he can also do it by phone or video conference. Some professionals have even created tools designed to facilitate your move. For example, a free online moving estimator allows you to indicate all your criteria and needs with a low-cost formula.

 Moreover, you can specify if you will need a furniture lift, furniture storage, and boxes in the moving formula that suits you best.

 Thus, thanks to all these details, the mover will propose the best-adapted estimate to your needs.

Professionals at your service

 If you can’t find a time slot for an appointment at your home, or if the moving company is too far from your home, it is preferable to contact them by phone.

 The consultant will ask you all the necessary questions during the phone conversation, whether it is about the house you are leaving or about the delivery place of your new home. You can send them photos or videos to help them make the best judgment of the factors to be taken into account.

 Now you know the role of the professional mover and the interest of a technical visit to your home. You have all the cards in hand to prepare your move!


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