Things to Do Prior to Moving Out of Your Parent’s Home.

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Moving out is always a fun and lucid experience, especially if you are moving out for the first time. Congratulations on leaving the nest and taking your first steps towards adulthood. Now, I know this sounds fun and really attractive, but there are many things that you need to consider before moving out of the familial nest. Don’t worry; we are here to help you out on this new journey. Continue reading and learn what you need to do prior to moving out and how to prepare for it.

1. Talk to your family.


Except if you are living in an abusive household, you should most probably talk to your family about this next step in your life. Discuss your options with them and let them know that you aren’t moving because of them but rather because you want to be more independent. They may have prior knowledge of moving and will most definitely help you in your future endeavors. Moving can be hard for them, too, as they will no longer be able to see you every day and making them part of this journey can create a smoother transition. With the advent of Covid-19, now more than ever, you should be careful while moving out and you should ask yourself if you can afford it.

2. Start saving.



Okay, this might seem like an obvious thing, but most people tend to forgo this part and leave it till it’s too late. Everyone will tell you that moving costs money and at this point, it is not even a secret so you should be prepared for this huge and expensive task. The more you save, the better it will be for your future finances. If you live in your parents’ home, you are most likely not paying rent, so start saving up for your future rents and your down payment. Save this money for tough times and don’t dip into it for unnecessary purchases.

3. Create a budget.


When moving into your new apartment, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. You don’t have rent or electricity to pay when living with your parents, but you will have constant (rent, internet, etc.) and unexpected expenses (hospital visits, accident, etc.) while living alone. Create a list of things that need to be paid every month, take out this portion of money, and save it to pay for these expenses. You should be aware of basic utility costs, if you have a car, think of insurance and gas, and weekly shopping for your groceries. By making a list of all the expenses, you will never go over budget, be more conscious of your money, and avoid unnecessary spending. Start budgeting while you are still living with your parents; it might be hard for the first couple of months, but you will eventually get used to it, and this will ultimately help you out when you finally move out.

4. Decide where you are going to live.


You should decide where you want to live next and you should also consider moving in with someone else; this will help you divide certain costs like rent and utility bills and will be better for you since you are moving out for the first time. I know you want to be independent and a girl boss, but having a roommate is very helpful when you are just starting out on your own. Deciding where you will live will give you an idea of the budget you need to live in that area. You should consider things like how much time will it take to commute to and from work, the environment, facilities available nearby and activities that you can do in the neighborhood.

Remember moving out is part of your adulting journey, but it’s okay if you don’t move out immediately, especially in today’s world. Take it easy, trust your instincts on this one and don’t make any rash decision. Sound off in the comment section below and tell us if you plan to move out of your parents’ home soon.


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