Top 3 Tips For Moving Abroad


Moving is a nightmare that only those who did it once can attest to, but moving cross-country is a literal hell; it takes so much planning, and you will always forget or lose something along the way, and getting to your new place is never easy. Having said this, if you follow our tips for moving cross-country, your journey there will be smoother. 

Though you will have a couple of breakdowns along the way because I sure as hell had my fair share of those, your trip to your new place will most likely not be worth it. These tips come from someone who moved cross-country and aboard more than once in their life, so I know what I am talking about. So, without further ado, let’s get into these tips for moving cross-country. 

If you want to move to a foreign country, you are in the right place. Moving abroad is more complex and requires the respect of several steps both on the administrative level and in the realization of the project. It is, therefore, necessary to prepare several months in advance. In this article, we will guide you through all the steps to follow.

Steps to follow when moving abroad


First of all, you have to choose your mover to move with peace of mind. Entrust your overseas moving project to a certified professional. For that, call the Action Dem moving company, which can accompany you in all the steps and which can facilitate the task. Indeed, the movers are required to perform a technical visit of the move so that they can advise you on the best moving formula for your needs.

The technical visit can be done remotely or in your home, depending on your preferences. In any case, you must give precise and detailed information to the consultants. This allows the movers to assess the conditions of access to your property and transport your goods to your new address. It also enables the movers to estimate the volume and the nature of the objects to be transported during the move to establish the number of workers needed to carry out the move and the necessary means of transport.

It is strongly recommended to sort out valuable items for international moves and leave the goods that are no longer useful to you. During the technical inspection, the movers also evaluate fragile items that require special packaging. They will be held responsible in case of loss or damage to the goods being transported. In principle, any damage must be repaired, except in cases of force majeure or if the fault comes from the customer.

Formalities for international moving


Contractual documents are necessary for any move abroad. These include the contract with the moving company, the estimate, the insurance, the international waybill, and the declaration of value. The cost of the international move can reach up to 8000 dollars depending on the quantity and nature of the goods to be transported, the distance between your residence and the destination, as well as the means of transport.

Once the administrative procedures have been completed, it is necessary to move to the realization of the move. To do this, you must use the essential equipment for the move, such as cardboard boxes to store the objects, tape to close the boxes, bubble wrap and blankets to protect the goods, a hand truck better, and straps to lift transport the loads.

To transport your goods to your destination address abroad, it is preferable to choose maritime transport. This is the most economical and affordable solution, but it can take several weeks. Unlike a domestic move, moving to a foreign country requires customs formalities in the destination country, including tax, customs fees, insurance.

Indeed, if you move from France to a foreign country, you just need to bring a change of residence certificate, a detailed inventory of the goods transported, and a declaration of honor. As an exception, some objects require an export declaration, such as plant and animal species, as well as works of art.

Don’t forget the little things.


Okay, before moving, most of us focus on the more important things like packing and getting rid of all the clutter we amassed over the years, but you need to take care of the little things before moving to your new place.

Forward your mail to your new address, cancel all your local memberships if you can’t transfer them, collect your personal records and transfer your utilities. These are the little things that most people tend to forget while moving. But you need to take care of them prior to your big move.

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