Top 5 Tips For Moving With Your Pets

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Moving is rarely fun. So with a pet, what could be more stressful than seeing all your landmarks change? Packing your bags when you go on vacation is already a real ordeal. Then with a pet, it is sometimes worse. The stress of not forgetting anything and not scaring your furball is at its peak. When moving, it’s the same problem, if not worse.

In addition to packing your clothes, you completely empty your home. We have prepared a list of steps and things to remember when moving to avoid this stress. Your companion will quickly lose their bearings without necessarily understanding why. So to leave serenely and avoid worrying about your pet.

1. Let your pet discover their new home before moving in


When you have the keys in hand, take the opportunity to go through the new home with your fur ball. This will allow them to discover his new environment, smell it, and mark their territory. This is the best way for them to get used to the change. Also, before leaving your home for good, make sure you get the plans for your future home.

This will allow you to think about the layout of your future home. In addition to optimizing your time by thinking in advance about the decoration (bohemian, modern…) of each room, it is also the best way to find the ideal place for your pet. And yes, they also have their things and habits, so keep them and try to keep coherence in the installation of the furniture and the objects reserved for your companion.

2. We keep their hairball during the move

In addition to being favorable to your pet, you will avoid all risks during the move. During the move, your pet can quickly become overwhelmed… just like you. So to be more serene, think about having your fur ball looked after. If you have a pet-sitter, entrust them with your companion. It’s the best way to make a smooth transition.

Your pet must not put itself in danger, just like you and the movers. Custody is a good thing, but don’t neglect your relationship with your little friend. From time to time, visit them and offer them a cuddle session. It’s a great way to comfort them and take a break from your schedule.

Once your move is almost complete, move your belongings into your new home with your pet. Take advantage of your pet’s care to set up your living space and your fur balls. When they return, they will indeed be disoriented. Recreating their “new” little cocoon will allow them to get used to it more quickly.

3. Think about using air fresheners before, during, and after the move


In order for your pet to be as serene as possible during your move, the use of pheromone diffusers can be a good solution. This allows your pet to get used to a comforting smell. So what better way than to give them some olfactory cues in this new habitat. It is recommended to use it 10 to 15 days before the move to get your pet used to it and use it after your move for a smooth transition.

4. Your pet’s little cocoon should be removed at the last moment and installed quickly

Before, during, and after the move, remember to leave your pet’s belongings at home until the last moment. In addition to avoiding stress, it allows your pet to keep some reference points in an empty interior. And moreover, it is comforting to have their things close to you. So we leave the blanket and the favorite toy with our pet, and we take away their pillow to sleep at the last moment.

The stress of moving sometimes makes us forget certain gestures that are nevertheless common sense. As soon as you have your new home, quickly set up their things to welcome them as they should. This is the best way not to worry them. Also, be careful not to clutter up his path too much. For example, access to its litter box if it is a cat should not be blocked with boxes.

5. You don’t lose your habits


That’s it; you’re finally settled in. Your pet can join you. To help your pet make the transition as smoothly as possible:

  1. Don’t hesitate to get them used to their new home, room by room. You can even set them up in a specific area with their things and everything they need.
  2. Once they feel at home, let them discover the other rooms.
  3. Don’t hesitate to use diffusers to accompany them.
  4. Avoid changing your habits as much as possible.

You are their only reference point, so if there are specific foods that you give them (and that allow them to live longer), a schedule for meals, cuddling, and games, respect them as in your old home. This applies to their habits as well as yours and those you share with them. So if you have a special dinner or lunchtime, don’t change it. This will make your pet feel at home. In other words, less stress and more peace of mind!

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