Calling on Professional Movers: What Is the Budget?


For personal or professional reasons, moving can become an obligation, and it is not an action to be undertaken without taking specific measures. It will be a question of setting the necessary budget but also of calling on competent professionals. How much should I expect to pay for professional movers?

What Rates Do Professional Movers Charge?

The rates offered by movers can vary depending on the agency and the services included in the contract.

For a safe move, the best solution is to use professional movers, and these experts put their many years of expertise to work for their customers. This option can be a little expensive, but it is still the ideal formula since it offers several facilities and bonuses.

Indeed, professional movers put in place specific means to meet the needs of their clients. Among the services offered, we have:

  • The provision of moving boxes;
  • The packing and unpacking of the packages;
  • The transport of the furniture in the new house;
  • The transport of vehicle if necessary

What Budget is Required?

To call upon the services of professional movers, you will need to budget an average of 500 euros per room. This may seem expensive, but the advantages are considerable. Indeed, thanks to the professional movers, the customer will be exempted from buying boxes and will not need to take out any insurance.

They will provide their efficient moving vehicles to avoid possible loss of time due to breakdowns. The other good thing about this option is that it saves time and energy for the customer, and the customer is also reassured that he will not have to pay any additional costs. However, before moving, it is advisable to ask for an estimate.

Why Do Moving Prices Vary?

This is the fundamental importance of requesting a quote. The estimate will consider certain factors since not all moves require the same investment, and the effort involved is sometimes different.

The Size of the Area to Be Moved

When the volume of the place to be moved is considerable, the agents will require much more effort. In the case of a move involving floors to be raked, there is much work to be done. In the case of a smaller home, it is natural that the work is less. However, the presence of an elevator can make things easier and reduce expenses.

The Services

When movers are called upon to pack and unpack packages, the rate will differ from that of a simple service offered by a transport company. When it comes to assembling the devices in the new house, an additional cost will be inevitable. The distance to be travelled should not be overlooked either. The greater the distance between the two homes, the higher the price will be.


How to Reduce the Price of the Move?

Hiring professional movers can be very expensive. However, there are a few tricks that can be used to lower the cost. It is advisable to schedule the next move 2 or 3 months in advance. This will prevent you from taking the movers unannounced because if they are overloaded and have to hurry for you, they will charge you a high rate.

Opting for a group move is also a money-saving option. To make your move a success, it would be ideal to do it during the low season (winter). Indeed, movers are less solicited during the low season than during the high season (between June and September). An additional tip is to choose weekdays rather than weekends.


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