Tips for Successful Moving Boxes

– Tips for successful moving boxes
– Where to buy your moving boxes?
– Moving boxes and accessories prices

A well-made package limits breakage. It is the guarantee of a successful move, so take care of your moving boxes!

Tips to make your moving boxes a success

Here are a few tips to help you make sure your moving boxes are always a success:

– In addition to the indispensable moving boxes, make sure you have bubble wrap, wide adhesive tape, large felt-tip pens, and labels.
– If possible, use new boxes, as they are more resistant.
– Don’t hesitate to strengthen your boxes by reinforcing the corners with adhesive tape.
– Remember to mark your boxes: indicate on them the contents and the room for which it is intended (a label or marker will make it easier to identify the contents when you install).
– Similarly, mark the top and bottom of the box to prevent breakage.
– Fill the boxes completely to avoid crashing due to empty space. Fill the holes with newspaper paper.
– If possible, pack your belongings one by one so that you can find your way around, as this will be easier on the day you move in.
– Start your boxes in the rooms with the least traffic (attic, cellar, garage).
– It’s also a good idea to pack items that you don’t need on a daily basis, such as knick-knacks, books, garden furniture, etc., first.
– Wrap fragile objects individually, in bubble wrap, or surrounded by blankets, sheets, or towels.
– Remember to put light items in large boxes and heavy items (books) in small ones: this will make them easier to transport and speed up the work of the movers.
– You can also balance the weight of the box by placing heavy items on the bottom and lighter items on top.
– Also, provide one or two boxes to store the envelopes containing the screws and other furniture items that you have disassembled beforehand, as well as appliance and electrical cables.

Where can you buy your moving boxes?

If you’re moving with a professional, he or she can offer you the following moving boxes for sale:

– classic boxes;
– cardboard boxes;
– wardrobe boxes;
– reinforced boxes for books;
– boxes with protective corners for dishes, frames…

If you’re moving alone:

– You can buy moving boxes or moving kits from DIY stores, which include boxes, tape, etc.
– You can collect empty boxes from certain stores on delivery day (supermarkets, etc.). Remember to check their solidity.
– It is also possible to get them from cheap self-storage sites.

Moving boxes and accessories prices

Carton prices:

– from $1 each for small boxes;
– between $8 and $9 for 5 classic boxes;
– between $8 and $9 per special box (suitable for dishes etc.);
– up to $10 each for wardrobe boxes.

Price of accessories:

– Tape: $3.5 to $6 per 100 meters;
– Bubble wrap: $9 to $20 per 100 meters.

The different types of moving boxes

Type of cartonEquipment – Object to be stored or packagedCarton Cost
Book boxPaper, magazines, books$1
Standard cartonLinen, shoes, kitchen utensils, decoration…$1,15
Reinforced high-volume cardboard (up to 40 kg)Perfect for fragile objects: hi-fi, computer, TV$6
Carton for glassesEquipped with spacers and spacer plates to prevent breakage and to store glasses$15 (75 glasses)
Carton for platesEquipped with spacers and divider plates to prevent breakage and to store plates$15 (24 plates)
Carton for bottlesEquipped with crossbars and compartments for the insertion of several bottles$3 (12 bottles)
Wardrobe boxWith front door and rod for storing all types of clothing$10
Container for an archive boxEquipped with handles and a hinged lid for storing several archive boxes$4

Hope the above helps you during your move. Remember to leave your comments below.


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