Eco-Friendly Packaging Alternatives You Should Consider

We all know about bubble wrap, the childhood favorite we all fought to pop. Its effectiveness as a protective packaging for all your fragile possessions is not contested, but as it is made of plastic it isn’t the most eco-friendly material around. You could, however, opt for these environmentally-friendly options instead:

Biodegradable packaging peanuts
States like New York have placed bans on Styrofoam, which are neither biodegradable nor economically recyclable. Typically used as a loose-fill packaging for fragile and sensitive items, Styrofoam helps prevent movement and cushion against shocks. Luckily biodegradable packaging peanuts can provide the same protections all while being completely biodegradable!

Mushroom packaging
Another eco-friendly option for smaller items is made from mushrooms! A matrix of mushroom roots (known as mycelium) is fused together with cleaned and ground agricultural waste, this raw material can then be molded to any shape desired, dried and used as packaging. An emerging material made from seaweed is also being developed and could be the next big thing in eco-friendly packaging.

Recycled cardboard and paper
All these fillers are great ways to help the environment, but they need to be housed in something. That’s why buying boxes and paper that highlight the recycled materials they use is the best way to be more eco-friendly!


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