Essential Things to Know Before Renting a Moving Truck


– Why rent a moving truck

– How do I rent a moving truck?

– How to choose a moving truck?

– Conditions for renting a moving truck

– Essential things to know before renting a moving truck

– Moving truck: what size to rent?

During a move, it is impossible to transport your entire house in your car.

– If you are moving alone or with friends, renting a moving truck is ideal for transporting all your personal belongings.

– If you are moving with a moving company, you will not need to rent this type of vehicle.

Good to know: for an inexpensive move without renting a truck, you can opt for moving groupage.

Advantages of renting a moving truck

The rental of a moving truck has the following advantages:

– to save time;

– to use adapted material;

– to save money by avoiding the numerous return trips between the two homes, thus avoiding gas costs or even motorway tolls.

How to rent a moving truck?

If you want to move by yourself, you will most likely have to hire a moving truck, which is nowadays very easy and increasingly cheaper.

You can rent a moving truck through a rental company or through a removal company. Fixed prices are offered for half a day, a day or even a weekend. However, it is often difficult to return the vehicle to the rental company on Sundays.

In addition to these packages, there are also:

– the price of the kilometers traveled;

– theft insurance;

– the payment of a deposit is also required when you pick up the truck. The deposit is blocked and therefore not cashed until the truck is returned to the agency.

Some removal companies also offer the rental of the vehicle with or without driver.

How to choose your moving truck?

The volume to be moved will help you to choose your moving truck, as there are different sizes of vehicle. Prefer a larger size to have an extra margin in case of surplus.

In any case, the trucks are adapted to carry out your move in the best possible conditions, because they are:

– padded, to protect the furniture;

– equipped with lashing bars that are very useful for strapping and wedging furniture;

– equipped with a tailgate to help load and unload goods or sliding doors.

It is advisable to choose a vehicle in good condition and spacious. Remember to reserve it one month in advance, or even more during “full” periods.

Terms and conditions for hiring a moving truck

When you rent a moving truck, the rental company asks you for certain documents, such as :

– Driver’s license;

– a proof of residence of less than 3 months;

– identity card.

What type of rental?

You have the possibility to rent a truck:

– One-way by dropping off the vehicle at the agency near your new home;

– a classic return trip by returning the truck to the service provider to whom you rented the car.

What is included in the price?

It is advisable to check what is included in the price of your rental and what can be optional:

Generally included in the price:

– Kilometers per package

– 24-hour assistance

– Driver insurance (think about extra drivers)

Optional extras:

– Cargo insurance

– Additional kilometers

– Extra day

– Fuel

Essential things to know before renting a moving truck

Before renting your moving truck, there are a few things you should know and plan for, such as :

– A regular driver’s license allows you to drive a 3.5 ton truck.

– Check the truck rental contract. Usually, only the damage caused to the truck and to a third party is taken into account.

– Remember to have your furniture insured by your insurer to protect yourself against any possible risk.

– Don’t forget to bring your moving equipment with you: cardboard boxes, adhesive tape and bubble wrap, straps, blankets and possibly a trolley.

– Contact the town hall or the police station of your locality to reserve a parking space to load and unload your belongings.

– Reserve your hire truck as soon as possible as they are in great demand, especially during peak periods (weekends, June-September).

Moving truck: what size to rent?

We distinguish more or less important trucks according to the volume to be moved. Those generally rented by private individuals are:

– vans of 12 m³ intended for a small area (F1 or F2);

– 20 m³ trucks for a larger area.

And finally, here is a table that will help you evaluate the size of the truck to rent for your move, according to the number of rooms in your home. Please note that this table is given as an indication and does not replace an estimate of the volume to be moved!

2 rooms12 – 30 m³
3 / 4 rooms40 – 60 m³
5 rooms and moreminimum 75 m³

Hoping that this post will have enlightened you on the many steps not to be neglected to carry out your move in all tranquility. Good luck with your move.


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