4 Points to Easily Deal With Moving Household


  1. Cleaning companies after a move
  2. The various services offered.
  3. Cleaning up when moving alone
  4. Moving household: rates

Cleaning after the move should not be neglected, as it allows you to leave the premises clean and in good condition, especially if you are a tenant and you are anxious to get your deposit back.

1. Cleaning companies after a move

Work for moving

Are you overwhelmed by your move and don’t have the time or courage to clean or restore your former home? Specialized companies offer you cleaning services and small repairs to make your home in the best possible conditions.

You can get in touch with a professional who will come to see what needs to be cleaned and restored. An estimate is drawn up, including the services provided, the date, and times at your convenience.

Experienced and trained staff will take care of doing what is necessary to make the place perfect (hygiene and cleanliness).

Good to know: if you call a moving company, cleaning can be an option entrusted to the latter.

2. The different services offered

Some companies can offer you a specific service or a moving package that includes cleaning and small repairs.

Cleaning: floors, walls, windows, cupboards, work surfaces, sanitary facilities. Dusting and cleaning carpeting, parquet, or linoleum.

The small do-it-yourself:

    • fill in the holes;
    • to remake the joints;
    • check the condition of furniture that must remain in place, door handles;
    • repainting or redoing paper on some walls;
    • replace a tile or glass pane;
    • fixing or changing electrical outlets, etc.

3. Cleaning up when moving alone

Of course, it is much cheaper to do your cleaning than to go through a provider. All you have to do is get the standard equipment, products and with a little elbow grease, you’re done.

Therefore, it is preferable to keep it close to you:

    • cleaning products;
    • a sponge;
    • a broom;
    • the vacuum cleaner;
    • a bucket and a mop;
    • garbage bags;
    • rags, dishcloths;
    • and a toolbox to repair minor setbacks caused over time.

It is also a good idea to clean your home room by room, once it has been cleared of all your belongings: cardboard boxes, curtains, furniture… The room should be bare before you start cleaning it.

4. Moving household: rates

For your peace of mind, we advise you to use companies approved by the State, which allows you to benefit from a reduction or a tax credit.

As an indication, count approximately:

cleaning: $25 per hour (cleaning products included);

small DIY: $35 per hour (cost of materials to be changed not included).

Some professionals offer packages depending on the surface to be cleaned:

Studio/F2: $210 to $240;

F3: $300;

F4: $340;

F5: $400.

Also, count from $30 to $60 of travel expenses according to the residence place to be cleaned.

Please note: rates are lower in the counties.

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