Ways to Organize a Moving Party

Moving is often synonymous with stress and all the moving out or in crap that everyone keeps telling you. Well, moving is not always the first-class to Stress City; it can also be the final destination to Fun City. Most people do not look at the moving process as being a fun one, and they end up wasting so much time on other things. If you don’t like moving, then it’s not going to be easy to get you excited about what involves a moving party that includes all your friends and loved ones. It is going to be fun and a fantastic experience for you and your closed ones, so take the time to prepare for such an event. It will be a good throwback memory, especially if you are moving to a long distance and will not be able to see your friends and relatives that often.

Well, if you are in, then here are some ways to organize a moving party!

Start early – If you are planning to throw a moving party, be sure not to wait until the last minute to let your friends know. Make your plans for a few weeks in advance and ask your friends to confirm who is coming. You need to know who is in as you will have to plan the games, food, drinks, and make space. Prepare a fun relocation party invites and send them through post or e-mail. Reminder, a week before the party, send an e-mail to everyone invited with the information about the party and tell them to come to your last party.

Choose a theme – If you are moving to a specific state or country, then do have the culture of that state or country as a theme for your party. You will learn a lot about the place and the culture. It can be any theme that you are comfortable with. If the day of the party falls on a holiday, then use your imagination and enjoy the opportunity to have some fun with your friends before you have moved out far from them. If you are having your party days after you have packed up the kitchen, then no worries, biodegradable cutlers will do the job as there will be nothing to wash.

Food to start – We know that moving is stressful enough, so there won’t be any preparation of a three-course meal for your guests, instead go for pizza. One of the most obvious and the easiest options, pizza for a party, can be considered as food, but if you want some belly-filling foods, then opt for Chinese or Mexican foods. If possible, have the food-themed to where you are moving. Well, whatever you serve, do keep in mind any dietary restrictions that any of your guests might have and provide options to suit everyone’s needs. Don’t forget the drinks! It is not necessary to take out the alcohol as soon as your guests arrive, entertain them with some coffee or high energy snacks that will keep them ready to party. Bring the drink when the food is about to come, then you can celebrate together!

Music is essential – A party without music is doomed to be boring. If you have time, then book a DJ for your party, to create an ambiance that everyone will be comfortable in. Music should be a must at any party. You can pick music that is home to the place you are moving to. Make sure that you have the right sound equipment when you are hosting your event.

Make it a packing party – Pick a few of your friends and set a date that is convenient for everyone. Get all your materials ready for packing as soon as your friends are there you can have a glass of wine, relax. Have some snacks, talk, and see what you can do together or just assign some tasks to each other. It is better to have the party first as red wine might leave stains and pizza is oily, so better party first then pack up later or vice versa. Be careful who you are inviting for this special event as you don’t want someone you are not comfortable with to go through your things.

Get the games ready – To make your party fun, you can opt for different types of games that will keep all guests entertained for quite some time. Separate the guests into two teams and play any game that they are okay with. Go for any game that you or your guests suggest.

Collect memories – It is obvious that you have a lot of memories with your friends or loved ones already, but since you are leaving for good, it is always easier to create excellent and new memories. Have a friend or a photographer to click some of your memorable days with everyone. If possible, make a book where everyone will write their funniest memories of you alone or you two. If you are planning something like that, then do let your guests know about it beforehand so that they can come prepared. These memories are going to be of great help to you when you are alone.

Moving out after-party – Well, there is nothing like an after-party that does not finish in tears and hugs! If you have someone who is moving soon, then throw a party for them and create lifetime memories with them!


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