Home Moving | How to Move Without Stress

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Home Moving | How to Move Without Stress

Packing up and leaving your home may be more complicated than you think. For a successful move and making the transition more manageable, you will need an intelligent strategy.

You’ll find plenty of advice online about loan terms and moving trucks, but there’s more to home-buying decisions than just logistics. Long-term savings goals require a shared commitment to discipline and self-denial. Agreeing on what to spend, prioritizing, and what you care about are all complex emotional issues that can lead to painful misunderstandings.

The good news is that if you and your partner pay attention to the relationship challenges of buying a home and moving, you can come out of this process feeling even stronger as a couple.

To successfully move, tap into your compassion.

Home Moving | How to Move Without Stress

Moving is a harrowing ordeal for everyone. It adds a lot of new tasks to your already busy lives, and you’ll feel uprooted. Even if it’s a good decision, you may feel sad or unbalanced. The children may also be cranky and moody, just when you want to organize the house to feel more settled.

Like any loss, it will take time to recover. Still, sometimes couples start to feel a remarkable lack of empathy when they move: some can’t help much around the house because they were doing their best to succeed in a new job, and others feel lonely and exhausted in a place full of boxes. 

Tip: always show understanding and appreciation for each other for the different challenges you face.

Your moving to-do list

Home Moving | How to Move Without Stress

Before you move

As soon as your plans are finalized, tell the kids. Put moving day on the calendar with a big exclamation point!

What you can do:

  • Contact new schools and daycares for information and registration materials. 
  • Ask a real estate agent or the local chamber of commerce for referrals to pediatricians, family doctors, and veterinarians. 
  • Ask for flyers about fun places and events in your new city.

On moving day

What you can do:

    – Keep all the essentials close at hand so they don’t get lost in confusion. For example, medications, diaper bags, favorite blanket –  

    – Secure your new home before your belongings are even fully settled, and remember to install safety locks on your doors and gates immediately.

The best time to move

Home Moving | How to Move Without Stress

Many families don’t have the luxury of choosing when to move. This decision is often dictated by the start date of a new job, the closing date of a house, or both. But if you have the flexibility, it’s best to move in the late spring or early summer so that you have time to acclimatize.

 To help you decide on your moving schedule, it’s a good idea first to determine your arrival and departure dates. This is essential information to know before you book your mover.

The pace of life is more relaxed at this time of the year, and you’ll have the opportunity to get settled before everyone’s schedule picks up in the fall. Plus, it’s easier to meet your neighbors during the warmer months. Children are more likely to play outside, and communities typically host block parties, street fairs, and other neighborhood events. And if your children are school-aged, this time of year allows them to adjust to their new home during the vacations and start school early in the new year.

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